About Us

Based in the Flatiron District of New York City, PRUnderground.com is a social media press release service which helps companies announce their news and promote their business through Google News and the social networks. An editor moderates every press release before it goes out, and we don’t publish free spammy releases with duplicate content or objectionable material that you might find on other press release websites. PRUnderground.com is owned by Madison Square Ventures LLC, a New York State Limited Liability Company.

Imagine having a tool that allows your website to rank for targeted keywords within minutes. How great would it be if you were a PR or SEO firm and wanted to manage announcements by multiple companies from one source?

What if you were a marketing company and you wanted to announce a new product and at the click of a button not only have it appear on Facebook and Twitter, but on multiple social sharing, news feeds and more while at the same time having that product name rank on Google News and often on the first page of Google within minutes?

Maybe you are a small business who simply does not have a huge budget for marketing and SEO? Announcing the Newest cutting edge, search engine optimized, social media news release tool. Welcome to the world of PR Underground.

Who uses PRUnderground?

  • Small & Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Public Relations & Marketing Firms
  • Search Engine Optimization Companies
  • Start Up Tech Companies
  • Travel Companies
  • Book Publicists
  • Fashion Designers
  • Entertainment Industry Professionals

Why are our services becoming increasingly popular?

  • SEO and social media all in one
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Keep track of multiple newsrooms
  • Use as an online press kit
  • Google Fresh

What are the results customers are seeing?

  • Appearing on top of Google News within minutes
  • Appearing on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc within minutes
  • Quickly ranking on page #1 for important keywords
  • Increased traffic and social media chatter
  • Increase views of YouTube and Vimeo videos

Want to know more about PRUnderground? Contact Us.

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