Case Study: Social Media Press Release to help launch a KickStarter campaign

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(PRUnderground) February 13th, 2014

We like to highlight examples of innovative ways our clients use PRUnderground to send their social media press releases. Here is a cool one from February.

Project-Image.pngPromoting the Kickstarter campaign of a new cycling accessory:  Fly6 had just started a Kickstarter campaign for a taillight and HD camera device for bicycles that they invented. Here is the press release.The device serves to both alert people to the biker, but also to record any accidents or close calls, and having the cam there alone probably acts as a deterrent to drivers tailgating too closely. Great concept, no?

At the time of the release they had a few thousand Australian dollars raised on KickStarter – 3 days later they now have 122,915 Australian dollars! Note that they used other sales and marketing tactics to promote their campaign, and PRUnderground was one piece of a very smart and well-integrated plan. But we want to show you their results from the PR Underground release.

First you will see their release immediately ranked on the first page of Google News for the keyword in their headline “cycling safety”.

cycling safety

It then also ranked on the first page of Google web search for another string of keywords in their headline, ‘cycling safety accessory’.

cycling safety accessory google

On Twitter it also got a nice Favorite from bike pros (with 3227 biking followers) Theneeds Cycling:

theneeds cyclingWell done Fly6!

 (Note: All Case Studies are intended to objectively show the actual ranking results and activity from a client press release on They are not meant to be endorsements of either the PRUnderground service or the client’s business, but just an interesting sample of possible results.)

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