Frequently asked questions about PRUnderground’s social media press release distribution

Why is PRUnderground less expensive than other press release services?
We focus on getting your release into Google News, published to 80 syndicated news sites, and to social media, and we charge a fair and reasonable price for that service ($49.99/press release). If you are spending $400-$1000 per press release on another service, ask yourself if it is worth that cost?
What are typical results from sending a press release on PRUnderground?
1) Your release will typically be found on Google News within 30 minutes of distribution for keyword strings (3-4 words) in your headline (this is up to Google News of course, but most releases make it). 2) Your release will be sent to social media and bookmarking sites where they can be seen, retweeted, ‘favorited’, and shared. You may even get some follows and likes. 3) Each release is also published on 80 regional news sites including DigitalJournal.com, CBS 8 San Diego, ABC 7 Ft Myers, ABC Island News Hawaii, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, AZCentral.com, Ask.com and many more. (See Syndication List) 4) Your press release will be viewed on the PRUnderground site typically between 50-400 times in the first week, but depending on the announcement can get 1,000+ views or as few as 50. MOST views are on other news websites that it gets published to (with higher domain authority) and we do not have counts for those. 5) You will have a newsroom page that can have company info, a link to your website, links to your social media accounts, and a list of the press releases you sent on PRUnderground.
What are additional results from the PRuMax distribution on PRUnderground?
All the same results as above plus inclusion on Yahoo Finance, as well as PRNewswire.com, often Marketwatch and TheStreet, and 100+ various other sites and blogs. You will also get a nice report on the additional pickup. Contact us to see a sample report.
Where will my social media press release be distributed? What news sites will it appear on?
Your release will be made available to Google News (via PRUnderground or Digital Journal), Twitter, and more. They are also published to 80 regional news sites  (See Syndication List)
How long does my press release stay on PRunderground.com and the news sites?
First, remember that a press release is an announcement with a news ‘shelf life’. The news gets ‘old’. That is why companies send new monthly or quarterly press releases – to keep fresh news on the web. However, your press release will stay up on PRUnderground.com for at least 2 years. In fact, we do not remove press releases at all at this time unless they violate copyright or other laws, violate a Google algorithm update, violate our Terms of Service, or are requested to be removed by your company. The news sites and search engines host the press releases at their discretion. The TV websites typically host the press releases for 90 days. Some sites host them indefinitely. They typically stay in Google News until pushed down and out by more current news or bigger stories.
How long does it take for my release to appear online?
Generally after you submit your press release to PRunderground, it will take less than 24 hours for us to approve, publish and distribute. Often this is 2-6 hours during normal business hours. Please submit it before 4PM PDT the prior day if you want it to go out before we open the next morning.
How will I be billed?
You can pay via credit card or PayPal. Starter Plan and PRuMax distributions are billed one time for one press release, and Gold (3 releases per month) and Premium (6 releases per month) are billed every month until you cancel. Payment is made to Madison Square Ventures LLC, which owns PRUnderground.com.
I am a current client on a monthly plan. How do I cancel?
You can cancel for the following month at any time. You can do it through the PayPal Merchant Services email or by contacting us at help@prunderground.com
What makes PRunderground so much different from other press release distributors?
We are a new generation of press release distributors. Our social media and SEO (search engine optimized) releases can be effective for ranking on hard to rank targeted keywords. We are known for oftentimes ranking your release for keywords in your headline on Google News within 5 minutes from when it is published.
Are there any restrictions on what can be included in a press release?
We can not accept press releases about offensive, objectionable, or illegal subject matter. No adult content, no online gambling, no pornography, no slander or libel, no spam, no electronic cigarettes, no firearms/gun related products, no online pharmaceuticals or Google banned supplements (See list of banned pharmaceuticals and supplements), and no stock recommendations. We no longer accept any press releases about Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin/ICOs or Bitcoin miners except by venture-backed or public companies. We do not accept press releases about legal matters or cases. No negative press releases will be accepted about any 3rd party person/company/government/country/religion/race. We do not permit press releases about 3rd party companies without their permission. We do not accept material news about publicly traded companies. Releases must be in English and in the proper press release format. In general, here is a list of unacceptable press releases subjects:

    • No Guns/Weapons (even the words in any press release)
    • No Alcohol
    • No mention of Illicit Drugs, including Federally Illegal Marijuana/cannabis/THC. (Hemp and CBD are ok)
    • No Tobacco/Vaping
    • No Cosmetic procedures and body modification (i.e. Plastic Surgery)
    • No Dating apps or websites
    • No Adult and Sex (even the word ‘sex’ in any press release)
    • No Sexual reproductive health
    • No ICOs/Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency
    • No Forex
    • No NON-FDA approved medicines/supplements and Google banned supplements (See list of banned pharmaceuticals and supplements)
    • No Unsubstantiated medical claims
    • No Money making scams/MLM
    • No Legal cases/litigation
    • No tax/legal/financial advice permitted in the press release
    • No statements of laws or interpretations of laws
    • No Online gambling
    • No Stock recommendations
    • No Slander/Libel/Defamation against any 3rd party
    • No personal loans, No cash advances, nor any other predatory lending
    • No conspiracy theories
    • No anti-vaccine or similar rhetoric
    • Politics
    • No Op-Ed pieces
    • No Credit Repair

Also, if you selected the PRuMaxDistribution, it goes out to the PR Newswire network. They may restrict other topic areas.

Does PRUnderground replace a publicist/PR firm/PR outreach?
1) No! If it did we would charge more than $49. Rather press releases on PRUnderground.com should be part of a larger Marketing/PR/SEO effort. The most likely way to get the press to write a story about your business is to contact them directly yourself, or better yet, through a Publicist who has connections to writers and editors.
Are links in my press release nofollow?
1) Yes, we try to follow Google’s guidelines with press release links and send them out as ‘nofollow’.
Can you embargo a press release until a very specific time?
We can not accept sensitive press releases that must be embargoed until a very specific time. You can set your preferred release time and date and typically it goes out within a 12 hour window around that date and time.
Should I send out my press release on multiple press release services?
If you send out your press release on multiple press release services at the same time you MUST at least change the headline and the first paragraph so it is not duplicate content. It may not be picked up by Google News if the exact same release has already been distributed on another press release site.
Can I add video to my social media press release?
Absolutely, PRunderground now includes free embedded videos from YouTube and it will display on the sidebar of your press release on PRunderground.com. All you need is the URL. There is no uploading involved. Just make sure the video is first loaded on YouTube. When filling out the press release form just add the URL in the appropriate field. It’s that simple.
Will my social media press release appear in Google News?
Most of the time. PRunderground press releases are picked up by Google News on a daily basis via Digital Journal. However, it’s up to Google to actually include it (which they do 90% of the time – when they do not it is usually because the release was published on another service, or it is too short/long, fragmented with bullet lists, prohibited content or too generic).
Will my social media press release appear on social media networks such as Twitter?
Absolutely! It will appear on our Twitter profile.
Will my social media release be made available via RSS Feed?
Just like the social networking accounts, we will also link it to our RSS Feed.
What are active URL links?
These are links that are linked directly to your website, product, brand, and topic from your press release.
How is my social media press release SEO optimized?
In order for your press release to rank high and reach maximum exposure, PRunderground optimizes social media releases. For the most part the optimization is based on the main headline so choose those headlines carefully.
Will you write my release for me?
Not at this time, but you can get a press release written for as low as $5 on Fiverr.com (Fiverr is a separate business from PRUnderground.com). For example, www.fiverr.com/hhawkins/write-a-press-release.
Can I make revisions?
PRunderground allows you to make revisions to the press release on our site before it is distributed and you can change minor typos on the PRunderground site even after it has been published. HOWEVER, if you have selected the PRuMax distribution and make changes please let us know because we may have already scheduled and submitted your original press release to our partners. Note that your press release can NOT be changed on the syndicated network of sites once it has been distributed. For PRuMax, it is unlikely we can make changes on any of the websites besides PRNewswire.com and there is a $99 or more fee they charge us if it has already been published. These charges are billed to us from our partner and then we bill you. Please try not to make mistakes on PRuMax press releases!
Can I delete or recall a press release after it has been published?
Once it is published it is very difficult if not impossible to have it deleted from everywhere it was published. We do not control the external news sites. PLEASE make sure it is correct and you have the rights to issue it BEFORE you submit it. If you do need to have it deleted here are some thing to consider. To have it removed from our core Starter/Gold/Premium distribution networks we can submit a removal request for a $15 fee. To have it removed also from the Verticals network it is a $49 fee that they charge us. To have it removed from the PRNewswire.com site it is a $99 fee. We are unable to request removal from other sites in the PRuMax/PRNewswire network. We are also unable to remove it from random other websites that may pick it up. PLEASE ensure it is ready before submitting any press release.
Will distribution of my press release guarantee media coverage or sales?
Your press release will almost always be published to Google News and our syndication network. But we can not guarantee sales or additional media coverage. We just distribute your news, which is all about writing an eye-catching, quality, headline and press release. Make sure you also submit it to all of your personal social network accounts. The more compelling your title, the better the chances of your release going viral. For press story coverage, we highly suggest that you do direct personal outreach to writers and editors yourself or through a good publicist.
How do I report a potential copyright violation?
We take reports of copyright infringement very seriously. Please report the potential infringement to dmca@prunderground.com with your full name and contact information, the URL where the potential infringement occurred, a description of what copyright may have been infringed upon, and a written or electronic signature and statement from the copyright holder. We will remove all valid take-down requests.