Editorial Guidelines

Tips & Best Practices

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Read on to find out useful guidelines that might come in handy when composing a press release.


  • Headlines must be between 65 and 250 characters in length. Short headlines (less than 100 characters) perform better.
  • Headlines should be newsworthy and catchy
  • Make sure to include the name of the issuing company in the headline – this helps us to optimally distribute your press release.
  • Headline should accurately present the press release’s content.
  • Use initial caps for the headline (It Should Look Like This). Avoid using ALL CAPS.


  • The summary should summarize the release and entice the reader to continue reading
  • The summary should have a maximum of 170 characters.
  • The summary and the first paragraph shouldn’t be the same.


  • Word count for a press release must be between 100 and 2000 although we recommend no more than 1000.
  • A good press release should be newsworthy, impartial (using objective tone) and official.
  • Make sure to format your press release – use appropriate punctuation.
  • We allow one (1) relevant do-follow link per 100 words for all PRUnderground packages (note: for US National plan endpoint links are no-follow).
  • We allow up to 5 images, one of which will be marked as featured and it will appear in the press release on our website. You must have legal permission for all the images you are using.
  • PRUnderground accepts only press releases written in English.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – Before you submit a press release, make sure it is the final version that doesn’t need any additional revisions. Double check it for typos, quotes and all the relevant information. As we don’t control external news websites (endpoints), all the minor edits AFTER a press release has been published are visible only on PRU website.

Prohibited Content

In constant efforts to improve our services, we do have certain restrictions to ensure publishing quality content.

We do not accept the following content:

    • Negative press releases about any third party/person/company/government/religion/race
    • Illegal drugs (Marijuana, Cannabis, THC, Delta, etc.). CBD and hemp are acceptable
    • Adult and sex content
    • Crypto investing/loans/miners
    • Investment opportunities or any kind of predatory lending
    • Online gambling
    • Dating apps
    • Sponsored or Guest Posts

Restricted content

We are obliged to mirror some of our media partners’ restrictions, so the following topics may not be picked up by one of our distribution partners. That would result in a 30-35% decrease in our core distribution.

  • Tobacco/vaping
  • Guns/weapons
  • Direct sales of alcohol
  • Cosmetic procedures/body modification
  • No non-FDA approved medicine, pharmaceuticals and Google banned supplements
  • No material news about publicly traded companies
  • No anti-vaccine rhetoric
  • No conspiracy theories
  • No mention of media partner’s competitors (for example; NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Hearst, Gannett, Tribune, etc.)