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Bali Weight Loss to Offer Affordable Weight Loss Retreats in Asia?

Industry: Tourism/Vacation

For the longest time weight loss retreats have been only for the rich and famous yet now, affordable weight loss retreats are the new “in thing” remarks Stephen Jenkins

Singapore (PRUnderground) February 12th, 2018

More and more people have greater disposable incomes from just even a few years ago. The big recession of the twenty first century is mostly a thing of the past especially in the major markets of America, Canada and to a lesser extent the UK.

With big names in the space like The Biggest Loser resort ( taking it’s name and marketing from the hit television series of the same name, and long term market leaders like The Ranch Malibu (, “it seems that it would be impossible for the little guy to get anywhere in the market and offer affordable weight loss solutions to the mass market” Jenkins comments.

“Yet that’s all changing with lower cost countries like Mexico and Bali smart entrepreneurs are leveraging the cheaper costs to provide an affordable experience for those on lesser budgets” Jenkins continues.

One such retreat providing an affordable detoxification and weight loss retreat is the new Bali Weight Loss resort ( opening on the 1st of June 2018.

“The goal of our retreats is to give a chance to the average person who has weight to lose and yet does not have the income allowing them to spend five thousand or more dollars per week on weight loss retreats and services” Sophie Jones tells us, the Bali Weight Loss retreat leader.

“This has led us to develop what we believe is the best weight loss retreat at a very affordable price. In fact including everything one could spend a week with us on a fully comprehensive detoxification and weight loss holiday and all for less than $1000. This is really unheard of in this industry and something we feel we are really bringing to the market place” Jones continues,.

“We will see if Bali Weight Loss can really pull off what they claim. If they really can provide a program that gets results and at the price they are marketing at, they will be a sure success in this industry. Yet can they do it?” Jenkins reports.

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