Clevvr Announces Kickstarter Launch to Bring ioEdge “The Clevvr Nightlight” to Market

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Lights left on for no reason tend to drive parents crazy. Clevvr has figured out a solution with their very cool looking ioEdge the Clevvr nightlight that can turn on and off based on light levels in the room.

Detroit, MI (PRUnderground) March 26th, 2019

For those who value how their home looks, plug in “basic” night lights just don’t make the cut, they are far from exciting and people often forget to use them, making them useless. The good news is, entrepreneur Tony Wright, the Founder and CEO of Clevvr, has come up with a way to keep hallways and rooms safe to walk through, in a very stylish way, while saving money on electric bills when compared to other options. The solution is ioEdge, the Clevvr nightlight. A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter launches Friday, March 29th, to help bring the first run to market. The “smart” nightlight uses a sensor to turn on when the space it is in gets dark. It will be available in a number of very cool styles and colors. The Kickstarter will feature special price cuts, along with the chance to get a free ioEdge depending on the order placed or amount donated.

“We are completely excited about our Kickstarter and think there will be a huge demand for this ‘better’ nightlight,” commented Wright. “This is something where a lot of families will want a few of these for the house. You’re going to love turning the lights out! The future we imagine will never exist unless WE create it.”

According to Clevvr, there are many real benefits of the ioEdge even beyond its attractive appearance and turn on/turn off sensor. IoEdge the Clevvr nightlight is very easy to install with all the parts included to hook it up in minutes. The ioEdge can change colors with a touch of a button and change designs with its ioEdge slides. You can rest assured that your family is safe, because safety is a top concern of the Clevvr team, IoEdge will be tested by NRTL to meet all UL standards in North America.

The early feedback from people who have seen advanced pre-release versions from Clevvr have been completely positive.

Chris S., from Boston, said in a five-star review, “With my three young boys I need nightlights or I will have to get a second job just to pay the electric bill. I always hated how they look in the wall and never really gave up enough light. Clevvr’s ioEdge is a real breakthrough, I haven’t had anything like it and we all love it. I can’t wait to order three more.”

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Clevvr is a new company that is set to change the way the world thinks of nightlights, for the better.

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