Communispond® Conducts Survey to Learn What “Executive Presence” Means to People

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The survey is only ten questions, takes about three minutes to complete, and is open to everyone.

EAST HAMPTON, NY (PRUnderground) May 15th, 2017

Communispond Inc., the leader in communication, sales, and leadership training, is conducting a survey to learn more about what “Executive Presence” means to people. The survey is only ten questions, takes about three minutes to complete, and is open to everyone. All entries are confidential and, if a name and email are supplied (optional), the person will be entered into a drawing to win a free Android™ tablet. To participate in the survey, visit:

There is a lot of buzz around “Executive Presence,” but Communispond has found that, from talking to clients, the term means different things to different people. So, they decided to run a large-scale survey to poll a larger audience and find out what comes to mind when people think of “Executive Presence.” To some it’s all about how one looks. If someone is dressed professionally and conducts themselves in a professional manner, then they exude “Executive Presence.” To others, it has to do with communication skills. If someone communicates effectively, then they exude “Executive Presence.” Communispond will analyze and share their findings.

A few of the questions asked in the survey are:

  • Which skill(s) do you think defines “Executive Presence?”
  • In which situations do you have to exude “Executive Presence” to be successful?
  • If you think about how you’d learn “Executive Presence,” what type(s) of training do you think would be effective?

To participate in the survey, visit:

About Communispond

Since 1969, Communispond has helped more than 800,000 professionals worldwide improve their presentation, writing, sales, leadership, and interpersonal communication skills. Every Communispond program is designed to teach proven, practical skills that can be used immediately back on the job. For more information, please visit and connect with Communispond on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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