Flip PDF Actualizes a Real-book Reading Experience for Next-Gen Reader

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The reading in digital age has been changed. It stays classy and more digitally savvy. Flip PDF from FlipBuilder makes the flipbook easy to create and ensures the comfort

HongKong, China (PRUnderground) January 12th, 2018

FlipBuilder, the leading software that provides Flash and HTM5 free flipbook maker, today announced the launch of its new software product plan called Flip PDF: the flipbook maker that turns an ordinary PDF files into Flash & HTML5 publications that run on all devices. This software allows people to experience a real-book turning page and configure the PDF files to each one of people taste and style. In this year, Flip PDF will launched new plan by providing additional functions, such as more templates, more functional page editor, and the improved using languages for global users.

Flip PDF was developed to enhance the quality of eBook that people already experienced until today, by providing a new whole set of journey for every reader that prefer to read digitally. Through well-crafted software to make that journey possible, Flip PDF also hoped that this innovative way of reading able to make reading popular again — especially among the millennial, who constantly needs a stream of knowledge and information in many sectors.

“The feeling and sensation when reading a real book is irreplaceable, yet the number of people who prefer to read on their phone, tablet, or laptop is continues to grow. Anticipating this need is the reason why we constantly provides new features for next-gen book reader. Reading culture needs to be sustained, especially on the digital era where we are living right now. By using Flip PDF to create a flipbook, we want every book reader to stay classy and being digitally savvy at the same time,” said Alan Chen, designer of FlipBuilder.

According to research that released by Pew Research Center about Americans’ reading behavior in 2016, it said that while the share of American adults who read books in any format remained unchanged since 2011, the number of digital reading has tripled from 17% to 28% since 2011 to 2016, where smartphones are playing a prominent role in the e-reading habits. Based on that number, Flip PDF wants to make sure that people who read books digitally – smartphones, tablets, laptops – are able to maximize the reading experience and bring the real-book sensation into their platform of choice. By today, FlipBuilder already owns more than 400,000 users and still growing.

This unique flipbook maker is not limited to only create a flipbook, but users will be able to make its own configuration such as editing text, customizable hard cover, adding image or flash logo before the book title, and even adding background music either for continuous play or for a set duration. This fully-customize maker software can be utilized not only to create a flipbook, but also for professional who wants to bring a unique type of presentation proposal for business needs.

“Since Flip PDF can be used to configure your own style of PDF, it also can be used by professional to enhance your presentation proposal and present it in different style. If you are a professional who like classy-style of presentation with digital approach, you can utilize Flip PDF to create your presentation proposal in a unique way,” added Alan Cheng.

All in all, this free flipbook creator deserves downloading to try.

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FlipBuilder is an innovative and professional digital publishing platform, providing best solution to convert static PDF files into wonderful online flipbook. From design to delivery, we focus on simplicity in use and power in function. Unlike traditional printed publications based on paper, you can create an online elegant digital magazine within several steps.

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