Here’s Why Kidzlock is a Superior Alternative to Other Child Safety Lock Options

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With many child safety lock options on the market, Kidzlock is one of the simplest and most effective.

Michigan (PRUnderground) November 19th, 2020

For parents and caregivers across the country, keeping their kids safe is their top priority. They rely on many different strategies and devices to help childproof their homes and teach good safety habits along the way, too. Despite the many options available on the market today, Kidzlock remains a superior alternative to other child safety lock options for several important reasons.

Many child safety locks claim to be foolproof, but as many parents and caregivers will attest, they simply aren’t. Options like doorknob covers might sound like good ideas, but if toddlers can pry or pop them off, they offer little in the way of peace of mind. Other options designed to keep doors locked – including deadbolt systems – might live up to their claims, but adults often find themselves fumbling for keys or locking themselves out of rooms. Kidzlock is different in that it prevents children from opening the doors parents and caregivers choose, but because there’s no key, it’s incredibly simple to use and adults will not lock themselves out.

Certain other child safety lock systems may appear to do a good job at keeping doors closed and locked, but they’re made from flimsy plastic, which means they may not be sturdy enough to stand up to a playful child if he or she puts enough pressure on the door. This can pose serious issues and may even damage the door or the door frame. Though Kidzlock does require some installation, it was designed to prevent these issues from occurring. The Kidz Bolt system fits inside the door frame and the door, and it’s made from sturdy metal so that no amount of roughhousing can break it.

Finally, many child safety lock systems require keys or tricky mechanisms to open, and when parents or caregivers are in a hurry, finding those keys or unlatching those mechanisms can lead to frustration or accidents. With Kidzlock, it’s as simple as moving a magnet over the bolt between the door and the frame to open the door. There’s no finding keys, and there’s no need to try to figure out a complicated unlock system.

To learn more about Kidzlock, to buy Kidzlock for your home or store, or to become an authorized Kidzlock distributor, visit the company’s website for more information. You can also contact the Kidzlock team by dialing (800)719-0009 or sending an email to

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Kidzlock is the name behind a unique and effective child safety lock system that works well with interior and exterior doors, including sliding glass doors. The company is headquartered in Farmington, MI and its product is sold nationwide in retail stores, by distributors, on their own website, and on Amazon. Kidzlock prides itself on fast delivery, unique products, and simple installation and operation.

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