Kona Launches Kona Metal Bristle-Free Ceramic Grill Brush with Scraper Designed with Warm Grill Cleaning Technology

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It's not a secret that metal bristle grill brushes can be dangerous. There have been many reported cases in which the metal-bristles have broken off and become stuck in food, creating a hard to notice health hazard. Kona is delivering a solution with their new Safe/Clean Ceramic Nylon Grill Brush with Scraper made with Warm Grill Cleaning Technology…a true breakthrough!

Middletown, DE (PRUnderground) June 12th, 2019

Grilling is something near and dear to the heart of many individuals and families as it is a favorite way to not only prepare food but often is the center of a social experience. Of course, owning and using a grill requires having the correct grill accessories, especially a high-quality grill brush. In the past, most people have used a metal bristle grill brush to keep their grill grates clean. Although highly effective at cleaning, the problem is this popular grilling accessory has had several problems associated with it. Many people utilize poorly designed “cheap” brushes or utilize their brushes too long. As brushes fall into disrepair, the metal bristles can break off while cleaning the grill. Sometimes these metal bristles end up in the grilled food and as they are hard to see, they can create at a minimum an unpleasant experience and perhaps even serious internal injury if the bristle punctures the digestive tract. The good news is that Kona, a company that specializes in premium grill accessories, has stepped up to solve this problem! Kona recently celebrated the launch of the Kona Clean Ceramic Grill Brush with Scraper, completely Metal Bristle-Free and designed with Warm Grill Cleaning Technology both at their online store and on amazon.com. The Kona next-generation ceramic grill brush, while not designed to be used on ultra-hot grills, does an amazing job cleaning warm ones. The excitement surrounding the new grill brush with a scraper is high both among grill enthusiasts and casual grillers.

“We put a great deal of thought, research, and development into creating a better grill brush with scraper,” commented Jamie Harris from Kona, who also maintains a popular online grill accessories store on amazon. “We are very proud of the cleaning results our Kona Ceramic Grill Brush delivers when used properly – and that means on a warm grill rather than a blazing hot one. Once this is understood, this is a tool that can change the way a person keeps their grill clean in a very dramatic way.”

For a limited time only, Kona, who is an American company based out of Wilmington Delaware, is happy to be offering a special 20% off discount code that can be used to purchase a Kona Grill Brush with the coupon code NEWBBQ20 both at their own online store and also on amazon.

The ceramic grill brush and scraper is a full 18 inches long, which most experts agree is ideal for most grills. This innovative brush can be used on all grill types including Porcelain, Ceramic, Infrared, Weber, and Char-Broil, to name just a few. Finally, a safe way to keep a grill looking shiny and new!

The Kona Grill Brush is made to stand the test of time and does not bend like the “average” brush. The innovative Kona Grill Brush handle can bend 60% more than the old-school versions that tend to snap and break. The brush comes with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee valued at $29.95. This means the brush can be purchased with absolutely no risk at all!

Several Kona Ceramic Grill Brush with scrapers have been sent out for review and been met with passionate feedback. Christine S., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “I am on a Paleo Diet with my boyfriend and that means grilling a lot of meat. Cleaning the grill used to be a huge pain, but with the Kona Ceramic Grill Cleaner, it is super easy. Just let the grill cool a little and it works brilliantly. Fully recommended.”

For more information be sure to visit https://www.konabbqstore.com.

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In Kona’s search for the best BBQ utensils and gifts, they discovered that there were many items out there that could be good, only if the manufacturer hadn\’t cut corners on quality to save money.
We know that grill masters and non-masters alike, simply want the healthiest, highest quality, and most innovative products available that will make their lives easier at a fair price.

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