Lesbian dating platform Lesly supports same-sex marriage

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Recently I interviewed a friend, the mysterious woman who runs the world’s biggest lesbian dating app Lesly. Amber has kindly given me her insights into lesbian dating.

San Francisco, California (PRUnderground) June 14th, 2017

Sarah:  Amber, we’ve known each other for many years, and I know that you set up Lesly, the world’s biggest lesbian dating app, to facilitate lesbian dating.  Could you tell me why you establish such a beautiful pink dating platform?

Amber:  That’s a great question, Sarah.  Honestly, I am attracted to women and I totally understand our needs that may not be met by the mainstream society, because let’s face it – it’s not very easy to meet lesbian or bisexual women without the help of the Internet, especially if you don’t like going to lesbian bars.  To make life easier for women like us, I decided to develop an app called Lesly which is a place where lesbian and bisexual women meet each other quickly, thereby saving our time and energy in a fast-paced modern world.  I believe that lesbian and bisexual women deserve this platform which offers the best service on the market.

Sarah:  I know you are in a very healthy long-term relationship with your girlfriend.  Could you share your secret to maintaining such an amazing relationship?

Amber:  There are three pillars in a relationship.  The first pillar is emotional connection.  My girlfriend and I definitely have built very strong emotional connection over the years, and we share the same values.  The second pillar is intimacy.  I think my girlfriend and I really enjoy our time in the bedroom because we are happy to explore new possibilities, which is a great way to grow together sexually.  The third pillar is shared vision.  Because my girlfriend and I actually work together, we have the same vision.  We share the same blueprint and work hard to make Lesly a better place for our members every day.

Sarah:  That’s so enlightening.  Do you plan to get married?  What’s your opinion on same-sex marriage?

Amber:  Yes, my girlfriend and I will get married next year.  Fortunately, same-sex marriage is legal in the United States now.  Of course, we support same-sex marriage.  In fact, our lesbian dating platform Lesly totally supports same-sex marriage in so many ways – Lesly has signed eleven petitions during the previous six months – we truly want to make same-sex marriages happen in every country in the world, so that lesbian women can enjoy the same rights like other people.  I have lesbian friends in Australia who can’t get married because the Australian government doesn’t support same-sex marriage, which is a shame.  It’s really sad to see that Australians live in an equal country without equal rights, which is really a disgrace in the 21st century for a developed country like that.  I personally feel very lucky because I live in the United States.

Sarah:  Couldn’t agree more.  Now the news says Taiwan has become the first Asian country that allows same-sex marriage.  That’s quite impressive, because now we can see Asia is changing and improving in this regard as well.

Amber:  That’s right.  In fact, Lesly helped many lesbian women in Taiwan to lobby their government.  We sent them resources beforehand and now we are very glad to see their wonderful results.

I feel really empowered after the interview with Amber, leader in the lesbian dating industry.  If you also support same-sex marriage and would like to meet more lesbian/bisexual ladies, don’t forget to check out her app Lesly.  Lesly has helped millions of women to find their true love, and you can be the next one who enjoys this benefit.

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iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lesly-lesbian-dating-app-chat-hookup-gay-women/id1152403579?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leslyclubdating
Website: www.leslyclub.com/

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