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Louisiana Treatment Center Goes High Tech with ViviHealth

Industry: Healthcare

Longbranch Healthcare Adds Clinical Dashboards, Wearable Technology and Smartphone App to Improve Substance-use Treatment

Metairie, LA (PRUnderground) November 19th, 2020

For individuals recovering from using substances like alcohol and drugs, a new kind of technology-enabled recovery system is helping to improve treatment in Louisiana. This kind of enhanced recovery treatment is making a positive difference in the lives of patients at Longbranch Healthcare.

Every year in the United States, more than 1.6 million people enter addiction treatment, with dismal results. More than half fail to complete treatment, with more than 24% dropping out of treatment altogether.

Austin-based company ViviHealth is changing that.

Among the breakthrough technology developed by ViviHealth is an integrated patient insight system called Vivi360. Vivi360 combines clinical dashboards and a smartphone app that employ a range of technological advances, such as wearable health monitors (like a Fitbit), pocket blood-alcohol content monitoring, machine learning and artificial intelligence, all based on decades of addiction research. Coinciding with this technology is the recent ramp-up of remote monitoring and telehealth in addiction treatment facilities across the country. Over the last decade, addiction treatment providers like Longbranch Healthcare have expanded their range of services to include improvements to remote monitoring, spurred on by the opportunity to better serve the needs of their patients.

“We’ve been on the lookout for new ways to provide better treatment to our clients suffering from addiction,” says Longbranch’s Emily Meyers. “Vivi360 was a perfect fit. The technology allows our clinicians to have real-time insight into the condition and activity of clients, which is helping us provide lasting recovery care to our clients.”

Longbranch Healthcare, a comprehensive and holistic addiction treatment system, is piloting Vivi360 for their intensive outpatient program, as has Solutions Outpatient Services in Dallas. Patients use the system by wearing a health device combined with a smartphone application called ViviCompanion. The application provides personal insights, self-care content, and connection to supporters, and can even be used by the patient after they complete treatment.

Longbranch Wellness in Metairie serves those suffering from substance use disorders. Improved remote monitoring at their intensive outpatient program allows the individual to continue to work and live at home while receiving intensive clinical professional care. Longbranch Recovery Center in Abita Springs is accessible to communities throughout St. Tammany Parish.

For the millions of people nationwide suffering under the growing weight of addiction, technology-enhanced care made possible by solutions like ViviHealth could not be more timely. Improving recovery care at treatment centers like Longbranch and Solutions Outpatient Services is part of ViviHealth’s mission of improving and saving the lives of those in recovery.

Chris Lawless, CEO and founder of ViviHealth states their mission plainly: “We exist to make life-saving technology available to recovery clinics, so that they can better fulfill their mission of supporting and caring for those in recovery.”

About Longbranch Healthcare

Longbranch Healthcare is a local system of substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment services whose mission is to provide an educational and experiential foundation for long-term recovery by empowering individuals and their families to find health and peace of mind.

About ViviHealth

Vivi360 is a clinical dashboard platform that helps addiction treatment centers keep their patients engaged in treatment and provides unique insights about the condition and activity of the patient through connected applications and wearable health devices.

ViviHealth believes that a strong therapeutic partnership with patients can be built and even transformed through patient insights that improve treatment, provide for better outcomes, and are based on evidence-based empirical data.

Vivi360’s smartphone app and clinical dashboard on the web measures behavior from smartphones and wearable devices to predict and prevent recurrence, track and reduce meeting no-shows and reduce program drop outs.

For treatment providers, this means real-time insights about the client, remote patient monitoring and telemedicine, objective measurement of outcomes, more billable visits, and higher admissions.

For patients, this means life-transforming insights, personalized treatment, faster recovery time, and better support.

The breakthrough Vivi360 clinical system has launched at select treatment centers and clinics across the US. For more information about using Vivi360 at your treatment center, please contact

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