Meet The Parents – The Film Inspired by Jay Z’s Classic Hip Hop Record

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There is a buzz building around this film, Meet The Parents written and directed by the award-winning filmmaker, Lonzo Nzekwe.

Toronto, Ontario (PRUnderground) June 26th, 2015

After receiving global recognition for his classic debut film, Anchor Baby, the anticipation for Lonzo Nzekwe’s follow up film, Meet The Parents has been surging through the Canadian, American, African & European film industry.

Logline: Fifteen years after a young man abandons his infant son for a life on the street, fate brings father and son back together in deadly street fight that will alter their lives forever.

The screenplay is rumored to be inspired by the extremely dramatic record by Jay-Z titled Meet The Parents in his Blueprint 2 album.

The cast consists of talented Canadian actors and actresses such as the up-and-coming hip hop artist, Church Chizzle as Mike. Nikole Gabriel plays the beautiful and seductive character, Isys. Justice Emeni as Ezra and Tanika Hillocks as Nicki. Some of these actors are making their debut roles in this film.

The film has some twists and turns that make it unique, and it holds no punches from the first frame till the brutal end. According to the writer/director, Lonzo Nzekwe, “I wanted to highlight the grave effects of child abandonment in our society. Due to the strong and important subject matter, I intentionally kept the length at about 40 minutes because I wanted to get straight to the point in the shortest amount of time possible without diluting the film with irrelevant sub plots. Every black person should see this film because it touches on an important subject that’s prevalent in our community today.”

Meet The Parents is slated to be released in selected cinemas and to a global audience on IronFlix video on demand (VOD) platform in late 2015. The producer is hoping to have the world premiere at a major film festival; preferably at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Judging by the highly emotional trailer, this film seems to have the potential to resonate well with it’s intended audience whenever it’s released.

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