Multi-Story Buildings Turn to Advanced Pipe Repair for Vertical Pipe Service

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Advanced Pipe Repair has pushed the pipe repair industry forward with its innovative vertical pipe repair technology.

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) June 11th, 2019

Plumbing issues can cause huge disruptions wherever they occur. However, in larger buildings with multiple stories, pipe systems are even more complex and require expert maintenance and repair. Apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, and other large buildings need to stay open. Customers, tenants, and employees need to be able to enter and exit while repairs take place. Even though businesses can expect some disruption, pipe repair companies have had to develop ways to fix problems without shutting the doors. Advanced Pipe Repair has pushed the pipe repair industry forward with its innovative vertical pipe repair technology.

 Vertical Pipe Repair Thinks Outside the Box

Most homes and offices that have had to deal with pipe repair know the frustration of torn-up yards, floors, and sidewalks. Municipalities constantly struggle with pipe work that requires road shutdowns and traffic diversions. Advanced Pipe Repair has enough history in Texas to know that multi-level buildings can’t accept long closures. They’ve honed their expertise over the years to handle complex piping systems with no-dig repair technology. The no-dig process speeds up the repair and maintenance timeline, so plumbing and other pipe networks stay in top form.

Vertical Pipeline Rehabilitation

Vertical pipes include roof leaders, electrical conduits, and chiller pipelines. These are all key to a building’s function. They keep water flowing, power on, and rooms cool. Over time these pipes experience decay that affects their performance. Vertical Pipe Repair specializes in vertical pipe rehabilitation that can line over connections, so vertical pipelines re-open without complication.

There are numerous benefits to vertical pipe maintenance and repair. It lowers the overall cost of piping systems because no significant replacement is required. Rehabilitation extends the lifespan of vertical pipe systems and improves vertical flow. Advanced Pipe Repair is also focused on avoiding any damage from leaks to the exterior of buildings to keep walls looking clean. The company can also perform seamless repairs, so the potential for future leaks is much lower. And vertical repairs look better lined along the wall of a building.

Advanced Pipe Repair is now serving a growing list of communities across Texas. They’ve built their reputation on excellent service and a broad service list. Customers know they can turn to Advanced Pipe Repair for any pipe fix or service needs. Whether your building needs vertical pipe rehabilitation, sewer cleaning, or cross-boring repairs, the company has technicians and resources capable of responding.

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