Physician David Steenblock and team of researchers produce impressive antiaging effects in people

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David Steenblock, D.O., and his team of scientists & physicians have produced antiaging effects in people without surgery, chemical peels or other traditional measures

San Clemente, California (PRUnderground) July 17th, 2017

A team of southern California scientists and doctors has come up with an efficient clinical process that has helped older people look and feel younger without relying on masking or covering up signs of aging. Their method produces youthful effects, in part, by using stem cells to replace old cells in tissues and organs with new, younger ones, and by helping enhance the body’s own healing and rejuvenative mechanisms.

The man who spearheaded this project, physician David Steenblock, has been involved in the clinical use of umbilical cord and bone marrow stem cells in patients for over seventeen (17) years. One of the things he noticed is that whenever these adult (nonembryonic) stem cells were combined with other therapeutic measures it produced a more youthful appearance and functioning in elderly patients. Armed with these observations and insights, Steenblock and his group of researchers and doctors set out to build on this in a formal, systematic way.

Notes Dr. Steenblock, “Traditional methods of dealing with aging and its effects basically amount to making minor repairs to a house that is deteriorating and then slapping paint on it. What’s needed is to replace the rotting, aging planks and wiring and plumbing with new counterparts. My team and I figured out how to help pull this off at the biological level in living houses, which is to say, people”.

The anti-aging effects of this “inside-out remodel and renew process” have been seen in some people after only a handful of days, such as in the case of ML:


                                 ML Day 1  “Youngering”                       ML– After 3 days  of “Youngering”  

These photos were taken with a 7S iPhone by Dr. Steenblock. No touchups, Photoshop or other editing was done, just 3 days of treatments that comprise what Steenblock has dubbed “the Youngering™ method”.

In addition to the use of stem cells, the anti-aging clinical process developed by Dr. Steenblock and his group includes:

(1)   The selective elimination of senescent (inactive) stem cells in the bone marrow which prods it to produce new, active replacement stem cells.

(2)   intravenous and oral therapies to eliminate senescent cells everywhere in the patient’s body.

(3)   telomerase extenders which restore an aged cell’s ability to divide and reproduce

(4)   growth factors that encourage the generation of new cells throughout the body

(5)   the activation of stem cells and specific immune cells

(6)   the amplification of biochemical signals in aged, injured, diseased or otherwise damaged cells that attract stem cells

(7)   FDA approved technologies that enhance circulation throughout the patient’s body

This method is currently being used at the Personalized Regenerative Medicine Clinic in San Clemente, California.

About David A. Steenblock, D.O., Inc.

Dr. David Steenblock is a medical innovator whose work has produced unique and effective ways to accelerate recovery, healing and regeneration in people struggling with many chronic diseases and conditions. Since 2000 he has focused on developing regenerative and stem cell-based ways to treat ALS, Cerebral Palsy and many other chronic, degenerative diseases.

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