Poptoss Celebrates Release of Poptoss Green Tee a Revolutionary Pitching Machine That Doesn’t Use Electricity or Batteries

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For softball players who want to improve their ability to hit while staying environmentally friendly, the Poptoss Green Tee is answering the call. Well designed, easy to use, and accurate, it's a game-changing pitching machine.

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) April 5th, 2019

Traditional pitching machines, while beneficial, nearly all suffer from the drawback of needing batteries or electric to have them operate. Beyond being an added ongoing cost, this also makes them less than ideal for the softball player who is environmentally conscious. The latest release from Poptoss, the Poptoss Green Tee Pitching Machine changes all of that for the better. Sturdy, stable to set up, with reliably consistent pitches, and operating off of a pneumatic timer the Green Tee removes the need for any battery or electrical use, allowing it to be set up and a player to train their swing in minutes leaving zero negative “eco” behind. Not surprisingly, the new product is being met with enthusiasm. For a limited-time-only customers who purchase a Green Tee & The Beast (a bat from Poptoss) get a $25 discount on their order.

“Because of the care that is put into assembling and testing each tee by hand we can still offer a Lifetime Warranty on our batting tees and stand behind them,” commented a spokesperson from Poptoss. “This gives softball players even more peace of mind when shopping with us, that they will receive a quality product or products.”

Poptoss make every effort to show support for their customers and build a loyal community around the brand providing free tutorials, videos, and an informative blog all at their company website.

The early reviews of the Poptoss Green Tee have been positive across the board.

Happy customer G.T., recently remarked in a five-star review, “I use my Poptoss about 200 times per week, so it gets good use. I just came back from the Senior Softball 50 Major World Championships in Las Vegas this past weekend. My team won the Championship and I was fortunate enough to win Team MVP… without my Poptoss this would not have been possible as I don’t have any batting practice partner that I can rely on all of the time. I can rely on my Poptoss though… I believe I finished with a .892 batting average and again it would not be possible without my Poptoss.”

For more information be sure to visit www.poptoss.com.

About Poptoss

The Poptoss Batting Tee is a revolutionary hitting aid that develops a player’s swing, hand-eye coordination and timing unlike anything else on the market. It’s also completely self-contained so there is nothing to replace, recharge, or plug in.

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