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If you're looking for a romantic gift for your better half that lasts more than a valentine, The Premium Roses has a solution by providing you long lasting roses.

California, US (PRUnderground) January 12th, 2018

Premium Roses are glad to once again announce to its loyal clients about the new and improved services that are awaiting them this Valentine’s Day. For the best gift for her, premium roses together with premium saffron will deliver to your expectations and her wildest dreams.


• The reason why Premium Roses will be your ultimate choice this valentine’s day is that they sell their roses in a box that last a year, making this valentine’s day the most memorable of all time.

• The variety of roses offered at Premium Roses is beyond the average expectation. They vary from the Venus box, the Paris hat box, and the anniversary box among others. These boxes give the flowers something special to look forward to, making this the best gift for her this valentine’s day.

• The long-lasting effect of Premium Roses begins from the moment the client makes a purchase. The process is simple and little effort is needed. Once the flowers are delivered to the clients’ specification, the flowers will always be a pleasant memory as they will last up to a year. They are so beautiful from the packaging to the flowers and to the special details on them that make them not just flowers but an experience to always cherish.

• Premium roses have the advantage of working with Amazon as all the shipping is done by them and as a bonus to all Premium Roses clients, they get two-day free shipping that comes with a return policy. Something that other flower sellers do not offer. Customer service is also on the menu giving all clients easy access to track their orders and basically gets served as they wish.

Valentine’s Day collections roses with longevity

These are the most beautiful and romantic gifts for her. They are a twenty five rose bouquet; they come in different sizes and shapes, the square and the round one. The round ones come with a special surprise that will definitely give that special and sensitive touch of this box. It provides a small drawer that can be an additional space to have something complementary to the bouquet. Like a special note or a little gift. The roses look superbly beautiful in these boxes, with each rose in its place like they were sculpted just for her eyes to ponder on. Premium roses will definitely make this Valentine’s Day the best. See image (

Premium Saffron is a sister brand of Premium Roses which are included in the investment portfolio of Mahd enterprise.

In addition to all the above, Premium Roses are comparatively affordable with their low prices making them the most affordable gift for her as the roses will last a year. They come in a matching box, for example, the Real Lake Blue Roses are blue roses that come in a matching lake blue colored box that gives the roses this exotic feel to go with just the perfect occasion.

About Premium Roses: is a luxury rose company. It has patterned with Amazon to provide customer service and shipping service that maintains the quality of the roses with the best delivery, packaging, and style at the most affordable prices possible.

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