Rising Pop Singer/Songwriter Jayda Releases Emotional new Single “Lie to Me”

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Spreading the word about her ability to write & perform pop that touches the heart teen-star Jayda is releasing one downloadable song a month, with the sad love lyric driven “Lie to Me” leading the way.

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) February 4th, 2019

Austin, Texas is certainly a “musician’s city” in the eyes of nearly anyone in the industry, so it shouldn’t be quite a surprise this is where emerging singer/songwriter Jayda calls home and traces her musical routes. Jayda, who mixes pop sensibilities with a voice that’s nothing short of Angelic, is hitting the music world like a storm dropping one downloadable single a month, backed by radio promotional appearances of all kinds, to help introduce the world to her extremely talented and inescapably infectious work. Her January release, the sad love song “Lie to Me”, shows the emotional range of both her lyrics and vocal style and can be heard here. Debuting on January 28th the interest in “Lie to Me” is already high and winning praise from both fans and the press.

“I think ‘Lie to Me’ is a song that many people will be able to relate to,” commented the passionate artist. “Just thinking you were meant to be with a person forever and then realizing it’s not going to work out, but still wanting that one last experience of being fully, mutually in love, even if it’s really just a lie. It’s something that takes power to get through and I hope my song helps anyone out there listening facing this part of life or working through it.”

Jayda has been attracting attention for the diversity of her ability, which is delivered in an honest and quite compelling way. Along with her undeniable natural talent, which she has worked hard to develop as singer/songwriter, Jayda has also been blessed to be guided by Grammy-winning producers to help her in the studio on one hand and studied dance to help bring added energy and excitement to her live performances, on the other. While certainly a pop-star to be watched her influences are quite diverse and include everything from not just the pop and urban pop greats, but also, Rap, and EDM.

The release of one single a month is planned to lead to a planned October, 2019 debut of her first album, which by then, will almost certainly be heavily waited on by the many who have had the chance to see just how talented this young, energetic, and fresh woman on the rise is when it comes to writing pop songs that both entertain and have a true emotional impact.

Be sure to keep up on her latest news at https://www.jayda.press and follow her adventures on Instagram.

About Jayda

Jayda is the next breakout pop artist. Jayda has worked alongside Grammy Award-Winning producers: two-time Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift), nine-time Grammy Award Winner, (Tom Coyne), and Ryan G. Clef. She has studied dance, writes, & performs her own music and she\’s only 18-years old. Jayda spent most of her life growing up in the “Live Music Capital”, Austin, Texas where music was always a part of her family.

Her great grandfather RT Rea was a singer and would play both the guitar and harmonica when she was young. Her grandma Necia Rea was a church choir leader. “I write pop music because the music is so upbeat and energetic, and I love to dance,” Jayda explains.

When Jayda’s not making music, she enjoys spending time with family and volunteering her time with several charities and organizations helping women and children.

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