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Rose Cruz now Traveling the World Offering First Class Plasma Pen Training & Certification Program

Industry: Beauty

Plasma Pen treatments are in demand to fight skin wrinkles, lines, and scars. Master Trainer Rose Cruz is delivering instruction in the art as she travels the globe.

Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground) February 14th, 2018

There’s no shortage of people wanting to stay caught up in the latest breakthroughs in beauty treatments. Experts agree when it comes to helping skin look more youthful and fighting wrinkles, lines, acne marks and scars, Plasma Pen skin tightening treatment is something that truly delivers. In exciting news, Beauty professional with over two decades of experience and Master Plasma Pen Pro Trainer Rose Cruz, has answered requests from many interested parties and is now traveling the world offering a premium-quality Plasma Pen Training and Certification Program, that can open the door to beauticians who would like to add this to their list of services. Cruz’s Plasma Pen Fibroblast Training Courses have been praised as some of the best the industry offers.

“It’s very exciting to be able to travel and share my knowledge and experience through my Plasma Lift Training,” commented Cruz, owner of Plasma Pen Pro. “This treatment really delivers remarkable results so not only are the beauty professionals who are offering it bringing in another potential stream of income, but they are also ending up with much happier and more satisfied clients.”

According to Plasma Pen Pro, the treatment works by having the skilled beauty professional use the new machine to direct ionized air onto the skin which needs to be rejuvenated. The level is adjusted according to need, and the end result is a “controlled burn” to the controlled burn in the epidermal/dermal layer of the skin that inspires the natural healing process to produce a skin tightening and plumping effect that accelerates and often completely treats the issues being addressed in a quick and non-invasive way.

Some of the issues Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Treatments can be used to treat include fine lines, smoker’s lines, crow’s feet, necklines, moles, skin tags, pigmentation removal, drooping and loose skin, age spot removal, liver spot removal, and much, much more. It’s quite clear Rose Cruz’s Fibroblast Training Courses set up a beauty entrepreneur well to address a long list of problems that bother women and men every day.

Cruz, who has completed hundreds of Plasma Pen skin tightening treatments herself, is offering the Plasma Pen Training and Certification Program in a three-day course. Not only is she experienced, but also certified and insured. Her teaching method is both friendly and hands-on, making it quite easy to see why she has earned a reputation for being the person A-list television and movie personalities turn to when they want to be sure their skin looks its youthful, blemish-free best.

Before and after photos from Plasma Pen treatments can be seen on the company’s Instagram and Facebook social media pages.

Feedback from students continues to be passionate.

Michelle S., from Toronto, Ontario, recently said in a five-star review, “Being able to complete Rose Cruz’s Fibroblast Training Courses and become certified with the Plasma Pen has turned my business around. I couldn’t be happier and recommend it 100%.”

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About Plasma Pen Pro

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) is our newest machine that harnesses the power of plasma, a fourth state matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma), to help reduce or eliminate certain skin conditions and concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, moles, skin tags, etc. Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) are the leaders in the Plasma Skin Treatment industry, and are now using their talents and experience to train future PPP technicians in the Art and Science of Plasma, so they too can become leaders in this new and exciting field.

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