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Whether a homeowner wants a tennis court for private use or a new sports club wants to install a tennis court for their members to enjoy Taylor Tennis Courts is the contractor you can trust and the preferred company for many cities, universities, school districts, clubs and homeowners in California.

Anaheim, CA, US (PRUnderground) May 9th, 2019

Whether a homeowner wants a tennis court for private use or a new sports club wants to install a tennis court for their members to enjoy, there are a plethora of factors to consider, including space, preparation, logistics, and HOA and zoning regulations. It can be overwhelming to sort through these types of issues without the help of knowledgable experts.

Anaheim-based Taylor Tennis Courts, founded by Jim Taylor, has been in the business of tennis court construction and resurfacing for over 35 years, and has serviced every kind of tennis court in Southern California from private to municipal. These tennis court contractors possess the skills, tools, and knowledge to both guide customers through every step of the installation process and create sports courts with smooth, flawless finishes that are fit to play on for years to come.

Any given property needs at least 60′ x 120′ of space to install a regulation doubles court. There are also zoning and HOA regulations to consider for any residential or commercial installation. Once a location has been established, there are several steps to ensure proper installation of a sports court, and the tennis court contractors at Taylor Tennis Courts can guide customers through every single one.

The first step to constructing a tennis court involves planning, acquiring permits, surveying soil, and calculation to ensure proper installation. Taylor Tennis Courts does not mark up prices or make a profit off of this step of the construction process. After planning and getting permission from the property owner and space to work, professional tennis court builders can get right to work preparing the ground for a 60’x120′ slab that acts as the base for a doubles court.

Ground preparation starts with 4 inches of base material placed over a Visqueen vapor barrier, that is then covered by 5 inches of 3,000 psi concrete. Post tension tensions are used to reinforce the concrete layers. Around the perimeter of the court, concrete is poured at a depth of 9 inches. Once the pouring is finished, a light broom finish covers the entire surface.

After the concrete has had time to cure, the surface is acid-etched, and professionals apply a bond coat made of acrylic, which is followed by three layers of Plexipave, which is an acrylic surface system optimized for sports courts. Professionals can consult with the property owner about preferences for the surfacing of the court in terms of playing “speed,” but most courts are slow- to medium-speed playing surfaces.

Once speed preferences have been established, 60 silica sand in a color of the property owner’s choosing is added to the Plexipave surfacing. With this, the surfacing is complete, and the court can be striped per USTA official dimensions for a standard doubles court. After painting, high-quality netting and posts with brass winding gears are installed, followed by a vinyl-coated chain link fence above the surface of the slab, usually 10 feet in height. Property owners can choose from green or black for the vinyl fence coating. The last step is installing the wiring for lights and switches, and the doubles court is officially installed.

The professionals at Taylor Tennis Courts aren’t just tennis court builders–they also offer resurfacing services. Several factors affect the need for surfacing, including usage, weather, and other conditions that can cause a surface to erode or lose shock absorption and develop cracks. The first step to resurfacing is ensuring that the base is stable before adding new layers. This process can extend the longevity of both commercial and residential sports courts in Southern California.

Taylor Tennis Courts can also service and install other types of sports courts, including:


Pickleball, currently the fastest-growing racket sport in the US, is a paddle sport that is as both fast-paced and easy to learn. It can be described as a fusion of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton, and the game is played with a whiffle ball and paddle on a badminton-sized court with a net similar to those found on tennis courts.


Basketball is easily one of the most popular sports in the US today, and millions of people play this popular game. What makes the game go smoothly is a court with proper cushioning for players to prevent injury. For concrete-based courts, this means adding a rubber layer between the concrete base and acrylic surfacing.


Volleyball is a well-loved sport around the world and is an excellent choice for any residential or commercial space looking for a fun, accessible game to add to their property. Installation involves a concrete base with a rubber layer that allows for extra shock absorption and comfortable, safe jumping during play.


This 500-year-old sport, played by such famous historical figures as King Henry VIII, is a classic game that is played with a stick and disk on a flat court. This centuries-old sport has maintained its popularity as a low-impact game that can be enjoyed at any age.

Paddle Tennis

This game can be described as a fusion of ping-pong and tennis and is played on a smaller version of a standard tennis court. Paddle tennis is played according to tennis rules, and the court should provide the same type of action as a standard tennis court. The main difference is that the ball in paddle tennis has been “deadened” by reduced internal pressure.

Roller Hockey

This fast-paced sport, which had a place in the 1992 Olympics, is played in over 60 countries around the world and is not unlike its ice rink-dwelling cousin. A smooth, dry surface is essential for ensuring effective use of skates during play. Proper surfacing also allows the hockey puck to glide correctly.

According to founder Jim Taylor, who got his start building tennis courts in Utah in the 1970s: “From color, design, lighting, and fencing throughout the entire construction process, no matter what the challenges, we treat each project like it was in our own backyard. We pride ourselves in providing the very best in customer service and take pride in the relationships that have been developed along the way.”

For more in-depth information on tennis court construction and resurfacing in Anaheim, including questions about zoning regulations, installation, and repair, the pros at Taylor Tennis Courts are a phone call away at (800) 558-3664.

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Taylor Tennis Courts is the premier outdoor tennis and game court contractor in California. We build and resurface all types of outdoor courts including tennis, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, shuffleboard, and multiuse sport/game courts.

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