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Trump Gets First Goat Race Invitation From Country Singer Michael Shawn Hartman

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Country Singer Michael Shawn Hartman Gives President Trump the first ever Presidential Invitation to the Goat Races in New York.

Nashville, Tennessee (PRUnderground) June 22nd, 2017

Being the President of the United States has its responsibilities. It also has its perks. President Obama got invited to the Oscars.  Country music star Michael Shawn Hartman has something he considers better.  He has now extended an official invitation to President Donald Trump, the First Lady, and Barron, to the Official USA Goat Races, at Becker Farms in Gasport, New York.


Michael Shawn Hartman explains, “What I do is I entertain the kids in my community.  I started racing pigs for the children, but pigs are easy to race, because there is food at the other end of the track. You open up the gate and the pigs run around the track.  But I decided to do something a little different and a lot more challenging,” he states, “I race the goats for the kids!”

Country Singer and Songwriter Michael Shawn Hartman has been hosting the Goat Races for the kids for four years now.  The Goat Races run from September 1st through Halloween at the famous Becker Farms in Upstate New York, near Niagra Falls. The goats raced are miniature goats called ‘pygmy goats, which can stand from just around one to two feet tall, and have shorter horns than regular goats.

Becker Farms is one of the top three tourist destinations in Western New York, where people travel as far away as Alaska, Australia, and London, England during their travels to visit the farm, popular for its weddings, brewery, winery, corn mazes, petting zoo, and of course–The Goat Races, among more.

“It’s one of the few places where a kid can be a kid,” Country Singer Michael Shawn Hartman says, adding, “I sing songs for the kids including  ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It (clap your hands!),’  tell jokes, and host the Goat Races. And the parents love it all just as much as the kids.  Everyone has a great time. I love making the kids happy, and the adults too.”

With the official Trump Invitation extended, Michael Shawn Hartman plans to give some advice to The President and First Lady if they make the show, including how to race a goat that doesn’t want to move. He reveals, “You can just give a little clap or pinch their tail a little bit, which usually does the trick.” Michael Shawn Hartman adds laughing, “Heck, who knows? Maybe Trump can use some of those tricks back in Washington to speed things up a little.”

With nearly 100 songs he has written, and growing praise for his unique songwriting style and voice, Hollywood Sentinel dot com has hailed the country singer as ‘The Next Johnny Cash,’ which the singer considers a great compliment.  “Johnny Cash” is one of my biggest influences, he admits, “as well as Willie Nelson,” and a few others.  Michael Shawn Hartman adds, “I love performing. It’s what I live for. And I love to make poeple happy by listening to my music.” I consider it the main reason I’m here on this Earth.”

Listen to the latest single ‘Swampland’ by Michael Shawn Hartman here below:


Visit the Official Michael Shawn Hartman website here:


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