Upstate New York Tiny Home Living Startup, Campfire Trailers & Rentals, to Launch November 2018

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Modular home and bar cart rental startup to launch first ecofriendly home made in a horse trailer.

Albany, New York (PRUnderground) October 2nd, 2018

Campfire Trailers & Rentals, a new kind of tiny home living and mobile rental startup that is making modular, ecofriendly homes more accessible and affordable to everyday people and travelers, this week announced their first completed mobile bar cart design will be made available November 2018.

Working with old horse trailers abandoned for landfills and rust collection in Upstate New York backyards, Campfire Trailers & Rentals is taking something old, and making it brand-new.

By reducing carbon footprints, living in a tiny house would diminish power and electricity consumption, water usage, waste, fuel use, and greenhouse emissions simultaneously. With over 18% of millennials responding that they would consider a tiny home, whether for financial, travel, or just experimental reasons, the number seems to be increasing every subsequent year.

“The sustainable consumer movement has really inspired my daughters and I to take something near and dear to our hearts, and breathe new, beautiful life into it,” said Lisa Fasulo, Owner and Construction Architect at Campfire Trailers & Rentals. “Instead of adding to our geological footprint, we are recycling these trailers into full-functioning modular homes, bar rentals, ice cream trucks, and so forth!”

Using basic metal and materials found at local stores, as well as sourced antiques and hand-crafted items made by Fasulo herself, the final Campfire Trailer products are a completely sustainable and ecofriendly solution for the tiny home living movement today.

“Life is short – people want to get out there and see the world,” said Alexandra Fasulo, Creative Marketing Director of Campfire Trailers & Rentals. “As a wanderlust-stricken millennial myself, I totally get it. Mobile homes provide people with the ability to make it happen. Except instead of the big, bulky, plain options of the past, we’re creating warm, vintage, and sustainable options for today that will work with any lifestyle.”

Available at a measly fraction of a normal home price, Campfire’s tiny homes and bar rental carts will be accessible to every kind of consumer – especially millennials saddled with insurmountable student loan debt.

Founded in July 2018, the tiny homes startup has been feverishly working to source old and unused trailers for their first bar cart rental and fully-furnished tiny home, available November 2018.

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About Campfire Trailers & Rentals

Campfire Trailers & Campers is an Upstate New York-based modular home and bar cart rental startup. Using unwanted horse trailers, through regimented refurbishing, recycling, and new design, the Campfire team turns the structures into full-functioning tiny homes, rentable businesses, and mobile stores for consumers from around the world. As part of the tiny home living and ecofriendly consumer movement, Campfire Trailers & Campers is taking something old, and making it completely sustainably new.

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