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Houston, Texas (PRUnderground) January 12th, 2018

Since the inception of ZippySig in 2015, it has gained monumental support from over 50,000 customers worldwide wanting a change from the current, limited email signature generation market. ZippySig has a well-planned out market differentiator which means it is miles ahead of the competition.

The differentiator is that you can perform many more customization functions in the email signature editor, like customizing the colors in all tables, adding separators, multiple images, banners and much more.

Making an email signature is a difficult business, in fact it’s difficult enough that it has a whole industry based around it! Email signatures have come a long way since the 90’s, when people were just using text based email signatures and it took around 1 minute to set up. These days, there is a lot of thought that goes into HTML email signatures, such as:

1.       Does it represent the company branding correctly?

2.       Is it using all of the company colors?

3.       Will it be compatible with all email clients?

4.       Is the size of the email signature too big, and will it use additional space on email servers because of its sheer size?

5.       Does it have all the correct details on it that the recipients should know?

6.       Is there too much information?

7.       Should a disclaimer be included?

8.       Can it be modified easily at a later date?

Making sure all these things are correctly addressed isn’t easy, because sometimes when you fix one problem, you create another.

Making an Email Signature – the Traditional Way

In order to make a successful HTML email signature manually, you would need to hire a web designer/web developer to tell you whether what you want is even possible to create as an email signature, or if it just wouldn’t work. Then the web developer needs to code the email signature in HTML, using the considerations above as a guide. Once the email signature is coded in HTML, you need to test that it works with all email clients, or at least the major 3 email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail and Gmail. If it’s compatible with all email clients, you can then create copies of the email signature for all staff members to install in their email client. All-in-all, if everything goes smoothly and you don’t run into any problems, you can expect the cost of this whole exercise to be between $500-$1000 US dollars. But wait, what if you need to edit the email signature at a later date and maybe add a banner to it? Repeat the whole process again. It gets very tiresome, and expensive.

Here Is How Zippysig Can Help

First of all, ZippySig tests its templates to the point of insanity. They are tested thoroughly using all sorts of variables in the testing cycle. This means, compatibility will never be a problem, so you can already eliminate a huge chunk of the cost for getting a web designer to create your email signature.

Here is how the process works with ZippySig:

1.       Sign up to a free trial.

2.       Select a template you wish to use.

3.       Enter your details such as name, position, address, social pages etc.

4.       Customize any colors you want, add separators, change the image/text spacing, and overall just adjust the signature to how you want it to look.

5.       Install your email signature in your email client.

The whole process, depending on how much you want to customize, takes about 3-5 minutes, and costs about as much as a cup of coffee. So, would you rather pay thousands to a web designer to create your email signature that might work, or pay $5 for a service that will create an email signature for you, that will definitely work? If you want to edit your signature in the future, no problems, just log into your ZippySig account, edit it to how you like, install it, and you’re done!

What’s Next for ZippySig?

Over the past few months, ZippySig developers have been busy coding a completely new version of ZippySig. Starting with a whole new platform, the signature creation process will become even easier, and will have many more advanced features to add to the table. One of the additional features that will be released will be aimed at increasing the marketing potential for email signatures, as well as a complete branding kit that you can use throughout your whole company (more to be released soon).

Check out the ZippySig website and blog for more details:

ZippySig also have some free email signature templates you can download from their website.

About ZippySig

ZippySig is an easy to use email signature generator that can help you create some of the best looking email signatures for your whole team in seconds.

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