1 Out Of 200 Shot DoorDrift Pays Off Your New Home

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Buy a home through a DoorDrift Virtual Agent and receive a 1 out of 200 shot they pay off your entire purchase price. If you are looking for a home over the next 60 days, be sure to claim a spot as availability for this big of a prize is limited.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) May 31st, 2020

With 1 out of 200 getting their homes entirely paid off, the question may become: Why not use DoorDrift?

DoorDrift, a new real estate technology startup based in New York, is launching a new Home Giveaway Contest that that could not have come a better time.

The Home Giveaway is not your typical online sweepstakes or contest. With this contest, 1 out 200 people are winning the grand prize: your entire home purchase price paid back to you. There may have never been such a high stake prize that came with such a strong likliehood to win before.

Here is how it all works. When a buyer is ready to submit an offer on a home, they contact DoorDrift (www.doordrift.com) to help guide them from negotitation to closing. Once their new home closes, they submit a photo that best demonstrates why they love their new home (originality and creativity will win). After 200 submissions have been entered into a price category, a winner is selected and awarded the grand prize.

The Home Giveaway is also not only for buyers. If you’re looking to rent, you will have the same ability to have the first 12 months of your lease paid back.

DoorDrift is also busy getting ready to release a virtual intelligence mobile app. This application promises to join you as you search other major portals (StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia) to provide instant analysis, inside answers and automated tour planning on your favorite homes. They plan to roll out the initial launch in the NYC market over the next couple months.

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