1776 Patriot Profiles give Patriotic Americans an online space for their single page Business and Resume Profiles

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Anyone who loves America is invited to get a 1776 Profile and earn commission by spreading the word with the ‘We the People’ Affiliate Program

Palm Beach, FL (PRUnderground) October 11th, 2022

Fellow Americans, according to statistics from Statista, 70% of U.S. citizens are proud to be Americans, and, according to the team at 1776 Patriot Profiles this group remains underrepresented online.

The team at 1776 Patriot Profiles are changing this with an online space where patriots can freely list their information and earn commission through their dynamic introductory, We the People Affiliate Program.

Anyone who wants to keep the Land of the Free truly free should be in receipt of 1776 Patriot Profiles, as well as other online social media websites and platforms (Truth Social, Gab, Gettr) that are designed to promote and protect the rights of true patriotic Americans who wish to follow and uphold the 1776 Constitution rights and support them being fully restored in the USA.

The 1776 Patriot Profiles platform includes a single page 1776 Patriot Business Profile; and a single page 1776 Patriot Resume Profile; both complimented by the 1776 ‘We the People’ Affiliate Program. All three of these have been designed from the ground up to promote American Patriots as individuals and their businesses based on the principals of the 1776 Constitution, carefully constructed by our Founding Fathers

The 1776 Patriot Online Business Profile is a place where true American Patriot entrepreneurs can list their business details on an online single page, for a one-time price of just $17.76. This listing can include all business details, including logo, contact information, job board, and online shopping and social media links plus quite a bit more (example profile = https://1776.business/patriot-business)

Turning to the 1776 Patriot Online Resume Profile, patriotic job seekers and professionals can publish their resumes in a stylish format that includes references, career history, volunteerism, social media links, an image portfolio, and much more. For a one-time price of $7.76. (example profile = https://1776resu.me/thomas-caleb-hamilton

The 1776 ‘We the People’ Affiliate Program provides promotion of the 1776 Profile opportunities by publishers to fellow patriots.

Affiliate commission earning sign-up link here:


To promote the 1776 Patriot Profiles, sign-up for a WTP account, choose your unique commission tracked URL and earn from the profile sales. So, for example Truth Social’s profile affiliate links could be created as https://1776.business/1776-truthsocial (Business Profile commission $4.76) and https://1776resu.me/1776-truthsocial (Resume Profile commission $2.76). Any Qs on how to add your brand/social/partner logos to the share pages is provided on sign-up. It’s all very simple and easy to use. You will be ready to go in less than 17 minutes!

These new platforms follow on the heels of a wave of new social media (Truth Social, Gab, Gettr) and Telegram truther channels designed with true 1776 Patriots in mind. Anyone who wants to see the American way of living restored will be pleased to be part of these platforms, which offer a true and lasting area for free speech in a time when constitutional rights are being attacked, violated and removed.

Learn more at:

1776 Patriot Business Profile – https://1776.business/

1776 Patriot Resume Profile – https://1776resu.me/

About 1776 Patriot Profiles

1776 Patriot Profiles are platforms for the patriotic community, offering Business and Resume Profiles, complimented by the ‘We the People’ Affiliate Program. Show your love for the U.S. and its unhindered return to the 1776 constitution which our Founding Fathers constructed to protect everyone’s freedom and rights.

America First!

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