“2 Wrongs” could be all right for country artist Jacob Jones!

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With the follow up to his single “Fools Gold”, Jones plans to take things to the next level with "2 Wrongs". An upbeat song about wild young hearts finding love.

Nashville, USA (PRUnderground) November 27th, 2020

Jacob Jones is an up-and-coming country artist from Suffolk, Virginia. With the follow up to his first single “Fools Gold” which garnered over 4,000 plays on Spotify alone,  Jones is set to release his brand new single   November 27th titled “2 Wrongs”. The song which follows the story of two individuals who are lost and unbeknownst to society, wading in what seems like a hopeless present. They learn to find themselves in each other, learning to love and look towards a brighter future.

Jones received inspiration for this song from his own personal experiences, delving into his emotions and reliving some of his own personal trauma concerning love and a heart that can learn to love. He believes that this song truly encapsulates his own personal emotions and brings these thoughts via his personal country music style.

Jones has spent this time during quarantine to reflect on himself and spend time with his family and friends, making sure to keep himself and his loved ones safe. He has also taken this time to jump more into his music, writing and producing many new songs during this pandemic. “2 Wrongs” is just the tip of his musical iceberg as he is currently working on a bigger and better project, and looks to expand his arsenal of music by experimenting with new songs and ideas and growing himself as a musician as well as a person. You can find Jacob at all of his social media platforms at the link below. The new single “2 Wrongs” will  be available to listen, buy and download at the same link.


Written By: Sam Fowler VCU

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