2018 Chinese American Film Festival & Chinese American TV Festival Announced the First Batch of Film and Television Works

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On June 17th, EDI Media Inc., the organizer of the Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) and the Chinese American TV Festival (CATF), held the second press conference for the 14th CAFF & CATF at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Silver Star Hotel. Chairman of CAFF and CATF and Chairman of EDI Media Inc James Su; Vice President of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television Zhang Pimin; Chairman of the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, Chen Dong, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Cultural and Broadcasting, as well as government officials from China and the United States, and guests from various movie and TV companies attended the event to deliver a speech. Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) was founded in 2005 by EDI Media Inc. (USA). It is the most authoritative and influential annual Chinese American cultural event connecting two of world’s largest film markets. Every year, CAFF hosts an Opening Ceremony and Golden Angel Award in Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world. Hundreds of top box office films from China and the U.S. participate in CAFF, of which the Top 10 are selected and awarded with the Golden Angel, named after the city of Los Angeles. CAFF is the only Chinese American cultural event in the United States that is officially recognized by both the U.S. and Chinese governments. In 2014, it became the only China-US film festival recorded in the 5th Round of China-US High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange and Cultural Activities as a national event. CAFF is also the only China-US film cultural events formally written in the U.S. Congress report, as part of U.S. History. During the month of November, CAFF showcases 700+ full feature films in 20+ screening locations in Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities, with 2,300+ total number of screening. CAFF main activities include the Opening Ceremony & Golden Angel Award Ceremony, China-US Co-production Film Summit, CAFF Film Signing Ceremony, CAFF Theater Launch Event, CAFF Meet the Star Conference, CAFF Recap and Exhibition, CAFF Charity Concert, CAFF screening in Colleges, Theaters, and other community centers.

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) June 21st, 2018

The chairman of CAFF and CATF, and Chairman of EDI Media Inc., James Su expressed his thanks to Shanghai International Film Festival for this opportunity to share our announcements. In the past fourteen years, CAFF has helped Chinese and American filmmakers build a platform for cooperation. It hopes to continue contributing and to promote Chinese-American cultural exchange. Good films and television works are the carriers of culture and culture is the backbone of a nation. This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. We will launch a special unit called “A Wonderful 40 Years.” In this unit, the organizing committee will grant a special award, the “International Influencers of Chinese Culture”. We hope to continue to bring Chinese culture to the international stage through film and television works to let the world understand the great Chinese culture.

Vice President of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television Zhang Pimin spoke at the conference, saying that CAFF had entered its 14th year and in these past years CAFF has made tremendous contributions to the cooperation and development of the film industry between the United States and China. He sincerely wished for the success of CAFF.

Chairman of the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation and Director of Shanghai Oversea Culture Research Center Chen Dong said: Film is a dream-making thing. CAFF has built a great bridge to show the world and Chinese aesthetics. He hopes that people throughout the world will pay more attention to the achievements of Chinese aesthetic art, vision, and result.

Co-organizer of 2018 CAFF & CATF Film Market and Summit, General Manager of China Film Co. Jiang Ping, said: CAFF has established a very good platform for cultural exchange between China and the United States. Most of the guests present became friends because of the platform of CAFF & CATF. This platform has made their work shine. Here, on behalf of China Film Corporation, I would like to wish the 2018 CAFF & CATF a great success!

Every year, the Chinese American Film Festival receives approval from the Film Bureau to present the “Most Popular American Film in China Award” to the Hollywood studios in the United States. Every year, an increasing amount of well-known international film and television companies participate and support CAFF & CATF.

2018 is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up and is also the 60th anniversary of the beginning of Chinese TV dramas. The 14th CAFF & CATF organizing committee have set up a special unit of “A Wonderful 40 Years” and a special award  “International Influencers of Chinese Culture”, to encourage the participation of film and television works of various subjects. These works also have the opportunity to be broadcast on the “A Wonderful 40 Years” special program on GETV, allowing more American audiences to experience and ponder the essence of Chinese film, and television works in 40 years and to spread Chinese culture.


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