2023’s Impact Maker Arin Kaur is on a mission to empower individuals with specialized training, fueling them with energy and morale-boosting motivation. (Her Voice Hub)

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As a Breathwork, mindfulness, and corporate wellness coach, Kaur is creation revolutionary change specifically for female clients

Toronto, CANADA (PRUnderground) February 11th, 2023

Individuals, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of 2023 are turning to impact maker Arin Kaur, owner of Arin Kaur Coaching.

Kaur is a mom who enjoys spending time with her kids. Outside of family time, she dedicates her energy and powerful coaching strategies to enriching the everyday lives of her clients. She is also a yogi, which has highly influenced her unique style of coaching.

Kaur is a Breathwork coach, and she spends much of her time walking clients through deep breathing exercises designed to increase energy and inspire motivation. Outside of these specific exercises, Kaur also provides mindfulness coaching and corporate wellness coaching.

“I am an elementary teacher by profession and a yogi by passion,” said Kaur. “I want to see busy females live a life in which they can sit down and actually enjoy coffee until its last sip, rather than just gulping it down after reheating it five times.”

As a busy female and mom, Kaur understands the struggles her clients face. She has had to work diligently to break through to the other side, and now, she’s helping her clients excel, too.

Being a busy woman often means making sacrifices, perhaps most commonly in personal time or enjoyment. Kaur’s coaching steers women through those daily struggles and helps them devise strategies for overcoming them. The end result can be found in Kaur’s clients, who are happier, more satisfied, and more successful with her coaching than without.

In 11 minutes or less per day, Kaur teaches her clients how to transform their lives from auto pilot to conscious, mindful living with simple, thoughtful breathing exercises. Although her strategies are simple, they have completely changed the lives of her clients. This is what makes her a 2023 impact maker. Stay up to date with Kaur at https://www.instagram.com/arinkaur.

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