4x Game Lounge a Minority Woman-Owned Video Game Lounge to Open at Nashville International Airport Soon

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Waiting for a flight can be quite boring. 4X Game Lounge is coming to Concourse D at Nashville International Airport to help solve that problem in a way sure to excite video game enthusiasts.

Nashville, TN (PRUnderground) February 5th, 2019

There are few hobbies spreading quicker or wider than the love for video gaming. Mel Bowers, the minority-female owner of 4x Game Lounge understands that well, recently announcing her luxurious video game lounge will be opening shortly at Concourse D at Nashville International Airport, giving travelers a cool and fun way to spend their time while waiting for their flights. With an emphasis on delivering a remarkable innovative traveler gaming experience at the airport that is not just for children but for every traveler that walks through Concourse D on BNA in Nashville, a clear element of Bower’s vision as owner of the 4x Game Lounge. Not surprisingly, the excitement surrounding the coming grand opening is skyrocketing.

“I saw two things that just were made for each other,” commented the passionate Bowers. “First, we have the very real issue of taking a flight and either running into delays or having to wait for a connecting flight often for hours. Which no one I can think of enjoys. Then I thought about the excitement that surrounds quality gaming lounges and arenas as a way to pass time. So, to me, this was the perfect solution to the ‘waiting for a flight’ problem. And I think people are going to absolutely love 4x Game Lounge from the normal person to the gaming enthusiast.”

4x Game Lounge is not holding back when it comes to delivering a supremely satisfying experience. Some highlights include every gaming station having ultra-comfortable leather chairs designed especially for comfortable playing; the latest tech gadgets; premium-quality noise-cancelling headphones; Wide LED screens for maximum enjoyment; and much, much more.

Snacks and drinks will also be available at the lounge so players can enjoy playing while not having to make a choice between getting something to eat and enjoying their favorite games.

A number of different affordable packages are available for players set up to meet their individual needs.

Stay tuned to the 4x Game Lounge official website for the latest news and grand opening date.

For more information be sure to visit https://4xgamelounge.com.

About 4x Game Lounge

Who doesn’t love to play games? Especially when it comes to video gaming like PlayStation and Xbox! Moreover, who would ever imagine this being available within an airport, What’s better than that? Keeping this vision and aim in mind, our gaming arena is the “4x Game Lounge”.

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