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Brampton, Ontario (PRUnderground) February 4th, 2023

Roof ventilation is a crucial component of your home’s air circulation. Whether you buy a home or construct a new one, a proper roof ventilation is mandatory. A lot of people are unaware of the importance of roof ventilation and how it contributes to the wellness of your home and your family as well. If you are one among them, worry not! Tactic Roofing Inc., a ThreeBestRated® awarded roofing company, goes on to explain this for you.
“A proper ventilation is a balanced system of intake and exhaust vents that allows air to continuously flow through the attic space to exhaust excess heat and moisture” – says the firm. It is important for homes as it.

  • Makes The Roof Shingles Last Longer: Not ventilating your roof properly will scale up the heat inside the attic in the summertime. This excessive heat caused by lack of airflow through the underside of the shingles will cause them to crack, deteriorate and curl up; thus, the roof will need repairs faster than usual.
  • Saves Energy Cost: With the rise in temperature outside, the temperature inside also rises. A well-ventilated roof will let the warm air out, while a poorly ventilated roof will trap the heat inside the attic. Therefore you will run the air conditioner a lot, probably the whole day, that could increase the electricity consumption.
  • Eliminates Condensation: When the warm air/moisture inside the home collides with the cold air underneath the roof, it will condense leading to biological development such as molds, rot, etc. -this is detrimental to your roof’s life and the interior attic space. A properly vented attic and roof will allow the air to circulate and dry out to prevent the above-said condense-related problems.
  • Prevents Ice Damming: When the poorly vented roof traps the warm air inside the attic, it warms up the ice buildup on your roof and makes it melt down – this then flows down the roof edges, gets refrozen again, and forms the ice dams. If this cycle repeats for several days during the winter, it causes water leaks and thereby damage the roof from the inside out. A properly maintained roof will make the warm air escape from your home and keep the attic’s temperature close to that of outside – this will prevent ice dams and icicles.
  • Keeps The Home’s Temperature Comfortable: Your roof must be ventilated enough to let out the warm air inside your home and let in the cold air to keep the temperature extremes comfortable all year long – utters the firm.

To ventilate your home properly, choose a company that is highly renowned and has extensive knowledge in the industry. Tactic Roofing Inc. is one such roofing company in Brampton, ON, which can provide the best solution to your roofing-related problems.

About Tactic Roofing Inc.

Tactic Roofing Inc. is a ThreeBestRated® award-winning roofing company in Brampton, established in 2015. With their integrity, excellent customer service, and unbeatable quality in their work, they have become one of the prominent and most trusted roofing companies in a short period.

Constantly looking forward to finding new ways to improve the service through training and research, they can offer their potential customers excellent quality products and workmanship for the best possible and reasonable prices. To get their service, visit their website: https://tacticroofing.com/

This firm is a GAF’s (North America’s largest shingles manufacturer) certified contractor and so they can offer the customers above-standard warranties as they go through extensive training and inspection by the manufacturer. They offer services including shingles replacement, missing shingles, wind & animal damage, flat roof, inspection, maintenance, restorations, damaged flashings, eavestrough cleaning & replacement.

Upon being awarded, the firm says, “ThreeBestRated® has been an exceptional platform for potential customers to see our business rating and contact us. It has helped us getting known as one of Brompton’s best roofing contractors as we have been awarded through their 50-Point Inspection”.

About ThreeBestRated®

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