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6W’s Chad Lieberman Teaches Understanding Search Engine Optimization Easily

Industry: SEO

Chad Ian Lieberman works for 6WSEO in New York City. This is an organic search agency offering a variety of Internet marketing services.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) March 4th, 2015

If you have a website, then search engine optimization is something that you cannot ignore. SEO allows you to market your website to search engines and draw in potential customers. However, many people still ignore it as they find it too difficult to understand. Chad Lieberman takes some time out to talk about SEO and why it is so important.

Chad Ian Lieberman has had an Internet business for more than 8 years. He therefore understands what it takes to make an impact on the online market. According to the SEO guru, SEO is absolutely necessary for Internet marketing. This is because just about everyone searching for information online will use a search engine. Not being visible on search results pages will mean you are losing out on a large section of the market.

According to Lieberman, the first step to an effective SEO strategy is selecting a keyword. The keyword should reflect what people would use in search engines to find your website, products or services. You therefore will want to use a keyword that has low competition. This ensures that you will rank higher.

Be careful when selecting your keyword. It should be relevant to your products and services. This ensures that you can draw in the right kind of audience. Using an irrelevant keyword will be a big waste of your time.

Many keyword research tools that you can use are available online. In fact, Google offers its own keyword research tool free. Lieberman advises people to make use of these free tools to find the most relevant keywords to use for their websites.

The next thing to do is to learn exactly how search engines work. You need to understand what factors search engines consider when determining the ranking of a page. You can then begin implementing them step by step. For example, you may want to begin by creating informative content and including your keywords in the content. You should ensure that the keyword is in the titles and distributed evenly within the content. Keywords should integrate naturally and should not exceed 3% of the content. You will otherwise get penalty for keyword stuffing.

Be sure to distribute your content to social media and article directories. Submit your links along with your content and encourage others to share the content. This is an easy way of generating backlinks and improving your ranking.

There are many other strategies for effective SEO. You do not have to implement everything at once. You can implement and change things as you go. SEO after all is also quite dynamic.

Chad Ian Lieberman is an SEO expert whose company, 6W Search Engine Optimization, offers comprehensive digital marketing services. 6W SEO is quite famous for implementing innovative and bespoke strategies to help clients meet their specific goals and objectives. You can contact Chad Lieberman and 6W SEO at 212-600-0775 or http://www.6wseo.com

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6W Search Engine Optimization is a full-service digital marketing agency maintaining practice areas in organic search engine marketing, technology SEO, corporate online communications.

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