A Comprehensive List of AV Manufacturers involved in the most Number of Collisions in California, published by Zimlon

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Zimlon publishes a comprehensive study on AV collisions after a detailed analysis of collision reports gathered from the California Department of Motor Vehicles

New York, NY (PRUnderground) January 8th, 2020

Zimlon, an insurance research service driven by data, has published a comprehensive list of Autonomous Vehicle manufacturers involved in the most number of collisions in California. Lately, AVs have been at the center of raging debates on safety. Zimlon gathered the entire set of AV collision reports from 2014 to 2018, to arrive at this list.

Zimlon analyzed the various parts of a collision report to arrive at conclusions about which party was at fault. Some of the types of collisions are:

  • Rear-ended by Conventional Vehicle

  • Side-swiped by Conventional Vehicle

  • Collision with Conventional Vehicle/Object

  • Broadside

  • Clipped by Conventional Vehicle

The study also explains these collisions in detail.

The major players that found their way into Zimlon’s list are:

  • GM Cruise

  • Waymo

  • Zoox

  • Lyft

  • Apple Inc.

Zimlon, published data gathered from all AV collision reports, in a structured format. In March 2018, the country saw its first recorded human fatality by an Autonomous Vehicle. While the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was quick to reprimand Uber Technologies Inc. for the incident, the outrage over this incident is a clear indicator that testing cannot be done at the cost of human lives without the individual’s consent. Through this data and study, Zimlon aims to put the questions and doubts on safety concerns to rest.

About Zimlon

Zimlon is a data-driven insurance research enterprise dedicated to helping property owners choose the best insurance agency according to their needs. It keeps an eye out for various factors that could affect property insurance rates.

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