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A-Medicare Launches Healthcare Platform Powered by Blockchain Gaining 15 Million Views on Introduction IG Post

Industry: Healthcare

The quest for healthcare to be available to all Americans has made a remarkable development with the launch of the A-Medicare platform. Built around Artificial Intelligence, the blockchain, and other cutting edge tech, it helps make more affordable healthcare choices available to those who need it.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) November 4th, 2019

Many have been trying hard to solve the healthcare riddle in the United States, which means delivering quality healthcare for all while not breaking their bank accounts. Stepping up to help in a remarkable way and immediately getting a huge amount of attention in the recently launched platform A-Medicare. Approaching the issue by using the latest technology, like machine learning and the blockchain to help present solutions, A-Medicare has quickly won the interest of people from all sectors of American life. In a stunning development its founder declaration-of-intent statement on Instagram has received 15 million views and counting, to an extremely favorable response, plus over 500,000 views of the platform’s inaugural promotional video.

“Our mission is to decrease the cost of health care and to improve its efficiencies in all aspects using Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technology,” commented founder and CEO Enzo Zelocchi. “The Goal is to create a Universal Health Care system that creates affordable low-cost healthcare and provides programs to allow citizens to help pay for their healthcare bills. Including, the ability for insurance companies to still profit and more importantly the government will not have to raise taxes, while lowering the cost of health care for both the citizens and the federal government. In addition, a universal health care will create the possibility to spend less internal money for a multiple healthcare platforms all being on one database.”

According to A-Medicare, the first solution their platform aims at providing is a fully integrated data source built around computer science, medical research, big data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. This will provide a better way for interested parties to access valid data to help in healthcare service provision. All using the latest technological breakthroughs.

The second solution provided by the platform is through improving the effectiveness in healthcare services by reducing costs. This will be helped along by the use of advanced machine learning.

Clearly, an intriguing new option in healthcare is presenting itself that many Americans are interested in exploring. The A-Medicare solution may be what many people are looking for to solve one of their greatest concerns.

The response to A-Medicare has been very positive.

Christine S., from Boston, recently said, “I learned about A-Medicare on Instagram and then watched their video explaining it further. It’s exactly what I need right now to help me cut my health care costs. I am looking forward to learning more. It seems very revolutionary!”

For more information be sure to visit https://www.a-medicare.com.

About A-Medicare

A-Medicare is a universal health care system that generates affordable healthcare and provides programs using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology via our free platform portal where users gain credits to pay all or some of their health care. With A-Medicare citizens will be able to handle their healthcare bills promptly, to create the possibility for citizens to access different healthcare platforms using a single database, and it will also allow them to share health information and records with doctors and other hospitals worldwide.

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