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New York (PRUnderground) November 13th, 2017

DivorceBond (www.divorcebond.com; https://divorcebond.app.link/NKFZdj1juH) was created when we saw what people wrote on the status of their dating profiles. It seemed most people were “single” with no children. Given the divorce rates in the United States, this is statistically impossible. We concluded that people did not feel comfortable, for whatever reason, writing their true status on popular dating apps. Divorce dating and support was a hidden agenda!

As anyone who has been divorced or is going through a divorce knows, it doesn’t usually happen suddenly. In most cases, it is a process and journey of many stages that can take months or even years. During that time, some people feel ostracized from the community of which they were previously a part. In the aftermath, most people not only need support but want to rediscover themselves and their enjoyment. More importantly, they want to connect with others who have had a similar experience. DivorceBond was developed as a platform to foster an upfront environment for divorce dating and support.

Our status choices allow users to identify as separated, mediating and already divorced.  We encourage you to be upfront because there are millions of people who are going through your exact stage. However, we also recognize that privacy is important. For this reason, you can choose to hide your profile from other users except those you’ve decided to match with. The app is gender-neutral. The matching algorithm will pair you with other members based on 24 interest categories, men or women. You can search globally, as well as refine your search by a nationality or university. We encourage members to connect and just ask questions, gain support, look for some fun as a distraction or meet your next partner.

The regular dating app platforms are also one dimensional and static. We wanted to create an “experience” – not just a match card swiping service. We created our “Moments” wall (which is a global feed) and “Events” tab (which pulls in dynamic content from Facebook) to combat this fundamental weakness.

Posting a fun or family picture or inspirational quote that is meaningful to you allows users to gain a better understanding of you as a person and your individual experiences. Events that our users are attending also give a better idea of personality and the potential for joining other like-minded people at the event. Both features integrate profiles so you can easily click on the poster and potentially connect with them. We believe that these unique features provide a deeper look at someone’s personality and help open a dialog between people.

Divorce is a reality of life. There is no need to pretend the situation doesn’t exist or omit information about yourself when you are ready to meet someone new, whether it is for divorce dating, fun or just support. Don’t just read about someone else’s experience; create and share your own through DivorceBond!

More information can be found at www.divorcebond.com. Or you can reach me directly at jadler@divorcebond.com.

About DivorceBond

DivorceBond is a unique platform that creates a way to connect and meet people that share your life experiences.
We understand that divorce doesn’t just happen, it’s a process and a journey of many stages. There is no need to pretend the situation doesn’t exist or omit information about yourself. Whether you are contemplating a divorce, currently mediating, or divorced already – you should be proud and empower yourself. DivorceBond makes divorce dating and friendships easy, exciting and helpful.
Connect through your shared interests, favorite experiences, nationality, and live events.
The app is simple to use and intuitive.
Don’t read about someone else’s experience, create and share your own through DivorceBond!

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