Absolute Doubt Drops New EP, "When Nightmares Become Dreams"

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Rapper owns his unique story in latest release

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) July 15th, 2019

Atlanta-based rapper Absolute Doubt is bound to make waves with his new EP, “When Nightmares Become Dreams.” Emerging from a difficult high school experience and the unfortunate loss of his father, Absolute Doubt has found his passion and his comfort in music. With the release of his latest EP, Absolute Doubt shares the pain he’s experienced and the struggles he’s been through with the world.

Having always been connected to music and rap, John Francis, known as Absolute Doubt, never really knew how much talent he had until he started freestyling in front of his friends. Encouraged by their reaction, he started to believe in himself and realize that he had a talent. After his father passed, he used music as a way to deal with his loss. From all of this, he created Absolute Doubt as an embodiment of his negative emotions. Built out of Francis’s loss, failures, greed, and pain, Absolute Doubt represents Francis’s least favorite aspects of his personality and also the most interesting stories.

“With my unorthodox background in the grand scheme of hip hop, I feel like I have something to bring that’s never been seen before in the game,” Absolute Doubt says.

Undeniably, Absolute Doubt has created a unique project. “Ascended” is a powerful anthem that sends a message that Absolute Doubt has moved up and beyond the haters. Opposite “Ascended” stands the EP’s titular single “Nightmares Become Dreams,” a more relaxed song with a dazed, dreamlike beat.

“When Nightmares Become Dreams” is only the beginning of Absolute Doubt’s rise to the top. His upcoming mixtape will be his next highly anticipated project, featuring production by Nedarb, Quay Global, The Virus, and The Antidote.

You can listen to Absolute Doubt’s latest release on SoundCloud.

About Absolute Doubt

John Francis, known by artist name Absolute Doubt, is an up-and-coming rapper with a talent for freestyling. He works with a number of artists and producers on his latest EP “When Nightmares Become Dreams,” including Lucki, Jay Storm, and Downtime. Towards the end of this year, he looks forward to releasing a brand-new mixtape. You can follow Absolute Doubt on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on his latest releases.

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