Acts That Fall Under Domestic Violence – Explains A ThreeBestRated® Expert From Tampa

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Tampa, FL (PRUnderground) January 24th, 2023

Safety is the basic right of every individual. From kings in the olden days to governments in modern days always have strict policy and dedicated laws for the safety of their citizens. This safeguards every individual irrespective of any barriers from all types of violence that can happen to them. Violence can be of various forms that include physical, emotional, cultural verbal and a myriad of others. Domestic violence is one such act that people do not have a clear idea about — exclaims William Hanlon — Hanlon Law, The 2023 ThreeBestRated® award winner for best criminal lawyers in Tampa. They had found some time to educate us on the actions that fall under various domestic violence. They are,

  • Physical Abuse — This is the most known form of domestic violence. As we all know, Activities that harm anyone physically will definitely be considered domestic violence. Contact that leads to “great bodily harm” can be charged with aggravated battery.
  • Emotional & Verbal Abuse — Any action that affects a person’s emotional and psychological state will easily come under domestic violence as it violates the mental well-being of the person even if it is your partner or blood relation.
  • Financial Abuse — It is the not-very-known type of domestic violence that torments someone financially. Any activity that exploits someone’s wealth is a type of domestic violence.
  • Carnal Abuse — Women are mostly the victim of this abuse. Any unlawful touching of another person without their consent is battery and action that forces someone to accept carnal activities falls under this category.

Isolating or stalking a person that disturbs them are some of the other activities that fall under domestic violence. It is anybody’s right by law to show up against any kind of violence, finishes the firm. Joining hands with experienced professionals like William Hanlon — Hanlon Law will bring justice to you with their specialized and right way of approach.

Why William Hanlon — Hanlon Law?

William Hanlon is a legal specialist and a trained lawyer representing clients in criminal defense cases. He aggressively defends his clients who have been accused of a wide range of offenses under Florida and federal laws. William uses every possible way to protect the future of his client. From crimes as serious as murder to minor traffic offenses, he works diligently and effectively to obtain a conviction and reduce charges. The 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated® has rewarded his excellence with a spot in the listing.

Hanlon Law Firm is a three-member firm where Will Hanlon has grouped with Nick Chotos and Bart Stoddard. Hanlon Law is one of the leading firms for criminal defense based in Tampa; the Hanlon firm knows how frightening it is to be convicted of a felony. No matter how long it takes, They are committed to doing whatever it takes to protect their client’s future. They pride themselves not only on their results but also on their communication on  every phase of the process to ensure their clients receive the best results. However, they understand that a conviction may have repercussions beyond the particular punishment levied. The firm provides 24 hours support to help its clients in emergencies. Please contact them at

“Our dedication to delivering the best results has helped us feature in ThreeBestRated® listing. We focus more on understanding the client’s needs and strive hard to deliver it” — states the firm.

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