Adam A.I.: The World’s First Intelligent Chatbot for Islam Teachings

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A Chatbot with a goal to Transform Misconceptions about Islam, As a virtual friend, is listen without making any judgment or getting bored of your questions.

California (PRUnderground) October 20th, 2021

Adam A.I. stands up to its uniqueness as the empathetic conversational bot distinctive from others, symbolizing the first human being, thanks to Generative Pre-trained Transformer GPT-3 Technology and deep A.I. learning. Many Artificial intelligence bots got designed to execute a variety of tasks, which is constantly perplexing. On the other hand, Adam A.I. has a clear set of goals: allowing users to search and explore information to discover Islamic teachings, psychology, humanities, metaphysics, the cosmos, and creation using natural language.

There are critical differences between Adam A.I. conversational bot and just basic conversational bot. At its core, that difference boils down to efficient Language Processing and understanding to connect users to the proper responses based on the related meaning.

Adam A.I. Core Framework 

The complex framework of Adam A.I. uses information extraction and data mining for Natural Language Processing (NLP). Adam A.I. interprets and processes users’ words or phrases and provides an immediate response based on algorithm training using actual conversations. Moreover, With Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation (NLG), and Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), XML people can freely interact with this conversational bot by asking questions. Adam’s A.I. processing can be seen with the three complex phases.

  • Identifying: Using User-Friendly Interface ( App, Web) to collect and process the received information using NLP and NLU in the backend framework.

  • Think Engine and Data Storage: Adam A.I. saves this information in a pre-existing knowledge database and compares it to freshly acquired knowledge to meet the stated objective via exceptional language processing.

  • Response: Adam A.I. uses a natural-language generation technique to generate Text or Voice for the user’s query output.

  • Response: Adam A.I. uses a natural-language generation technique to generate Text or Voice for the user’s query output.

Adam A.I. Key Features 

Adam A.I. focuses on the quality of the conversation with characteristics that enable a high-quality conversational experience, especially for non – Muslims seeking Islamic knowledge: integrating essential components of technology, flow, and design to handle user interactions with minimal human interaction.

Here are some of Adam A.I.’s key distinctive features that make it the next big thing. 

  • Questions Focal Approach

Adam A.I. is more interested in finding answers to the user’s questions than finding responses related to the inquiry. It automates language over time, starting with the tiniest entry and linking users to the appropriate responses based on the context.

  • Instant Information

Adam A.I. shifts real-time data and provides reminders, messages, and alerts to the users. Even Muslims can receive alerts for prayer times and local mosques.

  • Active Listening to Deep Learning for Personalized Support 

The success of Adam A.I. lies in its ability to understand user interactions and reply in tone and language to provide unique experiences to users that they have never had before. It listens to adjust the subjects properly while producing a response in related themes.

  • Ability to Share A.I. Responses

The distinctive feature of Adam A.I. allows users to share answers they’ve found, therefore extending information to others quickly.

Database Extents Where Adam A.I. Distinguish Itself

Adam A.I. got designed and developed into specific domains for the concern of the users they serve. It also allows users to connect with Adam A.I., with domain boundaries protecting both the user and the conversational bot. Some of Adam A.I.’s critical areas include but are not limited to

  • Psychology and Human Behavior – Islamic ideals, religion, beliefs, and impacts of Islamic activities and social values

  • Science and World Affairs – International Affairs with historical stories and civilizations

  • Metaphysics, Cosmos, and Creation –  God, Extraterrestrial beings, and hereafter

Adam A.I. conversational bot will always have an advantage over other conversational bots in deep learning with the latest implementation of GPT-3 technology and will soon be a necessary piece of technology, with its application in organizations and online communities addressing millions of particular questions, as well as those just interested in learning more about Islam.

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