Adebayo Adeleke speaks to Julie Kratz on Inclusive leadership and its impact on global businesses and culture

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Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) July 24th, 2020

Adebayo Adeleke, host of the Unfettered Podcast, speaks with Julie Kratz, Inclusive leadership trainer and Executive Coach, on the concept of Inclusive leadership, its profound impact on global businesses and culture. The eight episode of the podcast takes a deep dive into how empathy, emotional intelligence, and vulnerability help global leaders lead effectively and achieve tangible results.

Julie shares further insight on how to harness the power of diversity, leverage on diverse perspectives and still create unified values to guide our way of life.Episode 8 of the Unfettered Podcast will challenge you to rethink your leadership methods. It also goes further to share strategies on how to become more effective through inclusion.

According to Adebayo, the host, this conversation is critical as the world grapples with discrimination across several divides.

For more information about the podcast, visit The episode is available on Apple Music, Podotron, Castbox

About Adebayo Adeleke

Adebayo Adeleke is a dynamic thought leader with global insights on a broad array of issues.  He is an entrepreneur, and retired U.S Army Major. He is the Managing Partner at Pantote Solutions LLC (Dallas, TX), a Principal Partner, and Senior Supply Chain Consultant for Epot Consulting Limited and a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Sam Houston State University.

His unwavering desire to professionally mentor, and guide African immigrants led him to start the Rising Leadership Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that seeks to transform governance, and leadership using technology and mentoring in the Inner cities of Texas, African Immigrant communities and the continent of Africa.

For more information about Adebayo Adeleke and all his projects, kindly visit

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