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ADT Pulse Security System Review – Important Information Released by FinanceBulletin

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ADT Pulse is a smart security system for homes that pairs together the security system with monitored surveillance and home automation making life easy and secure.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) July 10th, 2017

On a bright sunny day, if there is any fear that rumbles deep in the belly of a person than it is the fear of intruders. Robbers, intruders, and thieves are the common flu that can interpret a good day of an individual, sometimes even put lives at risk. The first way to ensure the safety of that bright, sunny afternoon is by making one’s home secure, and there is no better option than ADT Pulse security system that provides an advanced security system for homes with guarantee and years of experience.

ADT is a trustworthy company that has been working to protect the streets of the country for 140 years now. Such a large time frame only bears testament to the reliability of the company and the trustworthy relation that it has developed with its customers overtime.

This product aims to secure one’s house by offering incredible features that let a person control everything from his phone. The ADT Pulse is a smart security system for homes that pairs together the security system with monitored surveillance and home automation making life easy and secure like never before.

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About the Company – ADT  Security

The primary most factor before selecting a product is knowing the details of its manufacturer. Only a reliable manufacturer can yield an efficient and reliable product. There is nothing to worry about in this case though, as the ADT has been a renowned name for years now providing a product that is high quality and simply superb.

The American District Telegraph (ADT) was birthed in 1874. Back then, telegraphs from 57 districts joined hands to make a secure network. The ADT facilitated faster communication between services and client than ever before. With the lapse of some time, the AST was acquired as a publicly owned company in the year 1969.

The company maintains its high standards till date. It uses the advanced communication system to stay in touch with its clients in order to communicate with them round the clock. Not only this, but there are more sparks of trustworthiness that the company shows. This includes its reliability making it part and parcel of every Federal Courthouse in the United States. Hence, it is only true to say; the ADT is synonymous with trustworthiness, quality, and reliability for its services.

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ADT Pulse Security System

So far, it is established that the company behind the product under review is authentic and trustworthy and among the group of big fishes that are known for their security services. So lets cut to the chase and have a glimpse of the smart facilities that the Pulse provides:

Control and Automation Options:

The variety of choices offered here is what really matter. There are several control tricks that ADT Pulse lets the owner of the smart home have under his control, and these include:

-Lock and Unlock Door

-Thermostat Control

-Switch lights on and off

-Garage Door Control

-Video, both inside and outside

-Custom Notifications

-Custom Alerts.

ADT Pulse Reviews – Read What Customers Are Saying About This Security System

All these features allow the owner of the house to have everything under his control without even an insect moving in or out without his notice. Additionally, the ADT Pulse security system has received much praise in the market with several websites naming it among the top ten best security services. And the product has the also made it to the good books of its customers. Numerous customer reviews and feedback speak volumes of the usefulness and efficiency of the security and services and are all praise about this product.

Service Guarantees

There are certain guarantees that ADT Pulse provides concerning this product and this entail:

•    Money-back Services Guarantee

•    Relocation Discount Guarantee

•    Theft Protection Guarantee

•    Homeowner Insurance Discount Certificate

All these positives add making this product an excellent security service provider.

Features of the ADT Pulse Security Service

Two fundamental characteristics that deserve an elaboration, these are:

1. Equipment Warranty

Typically, either companies offer a warranty for a lifetime or one or two years. But the American District Telegraph charges for an extended warranty to back up the product they sell. The company calls this the “Quality Service Plan.” The pricing for this plan is not outlined on the website so a potential customer might have to ring them to know about this in advance. Other than that, the full cost of the security system would be unknown.

2. Mover’s Guarantee

ADT calls its relocation services with the name of Mover’s Guarantee. Under this guarantee, one cannot move the system as and when he shifts to another place, but a customer can definitely avail a comparable package of equipment at no cost. This is conditional to the fact that customer must be 6 months only with a steady payment and contract record.

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Any additional requirement of equipment for a person’s new home can be met with a 25% off on the normal price about the sign of a new contract for 36 months. One should also build a relocation credit in one’s current home so that he will help in building a new system at a new home.

ADT Pulse Pricing

Here is where you need to pay attention. Most of the costs such as that of the Quality Service Plan varies according to a customer’s needs, so the total price plan remains unclear. So, it is better to get a quote from here before you make a final decision.


•    Same day installation

•    Multiple monitoring centers

•    Email and phone support for 24 hours

•    Largest security company

Final Verdict (Should You Really Try It?)

ADT Pulse is an effective security service provider that provides round the clock security and has several features that it allows an individual to control from his phone. The product comes from a reliable company that has years of experience dealing with the security of the US, which makes this security service system reliable. The installation can be done on the very day the order is placed so that there are no threats to one’s security for even a day.

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