Advanced Chemtech Simplifies the Acquisition Process for Research Chemicals

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These essential materials are available to the pharma and bio-chem industries, including students and chemistry enthusiasts.

Louisville, KY (PRUnderground) October 12th, 2022

Amino acids, peptides, and chemical reagents are not products the average person can grab from a local store. These essential items are required in the pharma and bio-chem industries but are also necessary for educational needs and amateur experimentation.

The custom peptide processes that Advanced ChemTech offers ensure that biochemistry professionals, pharmacists, and casual enthusiasts have access to the ingredients they need to fulfill their duties.

Studying chemistry creates global access to new work and innovation opportunities because this science underpins how we progress and understand almost every scientific category. Even casual enthusiasts can learn more about how the planet’s and universe’s building blocks operate with access to these materials.

These potential benefits are part of the investment when acquiring research chemicals and supplies from Advanced ChemTech for studying responsibilities or professional job duties.

  1. More career options become available when studying chemistry. It is subject-specific knowledge that applies to biochemistry, environmental studies, or pharmaceutical research.
  2. Learning how chemistry works can help people develop useful skills that transfer to other tasks, including research, critical thinking, problem solving, and data analysis.
  3. Chemistry knowledge can make life easier for others. New materials, chemicals, and medicines can improve one’s quality of life in numerous ways.
  4. It leads to creative thinking opportunities because research chemicals can help explore complex problems from different perspectives.

Advanced ChemTech provides access to peptide pool products and nearly 4,000 items in various categories to further individual research. Our inventory includes pseudoproline dipeptides, PEG linkers, amino acids, and alkenyl building blocks for stapled peptides.

This approach to service ensures that every interested party has access to the supplies they require.

All peptides from Advanced ChemTech include HPLC and mass spectrometric analyses. Orders are delivered in your preferred configuration choice, including purity requirements and any requested modifications.

This work isn’t a new approach to science. The chemistry responsible for synthesizing peptide bonds between amino acids is more than 100 years old. Even the first chemically synthesized proteins were created in the 1950s. It is a rapid process that ensures research-quality materials are available for high-throughput experiments, industry requirements, or educational needs.

Resins are also available to provide support for peptide synthesis and other organic chemistry efforts. Base and pre-loaded choices are available with several substation levels, mesh sizes, and cross-linking percentages.

Finding local sources that deliver custom peptide synthesis and research chemicals can be challenging. Advanced ChemTech makes these options and more available on their website.

About Advanced ChemTech

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Advanced ChemTech provides various fine chemicals to the research and pharmaceutical market. These chemicals vary massively, including amino acids, peptides, resins, reagents, and more. We are Leaders in instrumentation, and provide TETRAS™, a state-of-the-art synthesizer for peptide synthesis.

Advanced ChemTech has all the chemicals you need, whether for pharmaceutical research or the market, or perhaps a school science project, required re-stock for a commercial entity, or other requirements. Whatever you need, the Chemtech team is here to help you; you can even read their newly released blog for free information and advice. To find out more information about the team and their processes, you can also reach out via

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