Advanced Montessori International, 2023 ThreeBestRated® Award Winner From Jurong West Briefs Benefits Of Fun And Imaginative Activity

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Jurong West, Singapore (PRUnderground) April 19th, 2023

Only a strong basement can hold the tall building and ensure its life. It is because the strength of the building lies in its basement. This applies to education too. Only an excellent foundation for creative learning will make any child interested and enthusiastic about education, says Advanced Montessori International which was recently accoladed with the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award for the category “Best Montessori School ” for Jurong West region. They add, “Only a Montessori school can provide a stimulated environment that is carefully planned to create interest in the children. This method of education involves child-led activities that develop independence and self-confidence in them”. In between their schedule of classes, They briefed about fun and imaginary activity for children and its benefits,

Creativity: Since imagination is associated with innovation inside them, It induces creative skills in the child while contributing to their problem-solving skills. It will also be an eye-opener for the child’s perspective on art and imagination.

Social Development: Mingling with other people and fellow children can be the greatest struggle for a small child, especially when he/she is introverted. These activities naturally make the child get used to interacting with other children and breaking the barriers within them.

Sensory Development: Being involved in imaginary activities makes the child develop the ability to listen to instructions, observation skills, recognize different smells, explore different textures and gain an understanding of their world. All these contribute greatly to the sensory development of the child.

Concentration & Coordination: Imaginative tasks require lots of focus and commitment to complete it. Thus contributing to the confidence of the child. Learning fine motor skills largely help the child to develop tactility, dexterity and child’s proprioceptive input, on the whole coordination.

This can allow children to discover the joy of learning and pique their interest from a young age. They will feel that learning is not a chore but something that can be done in a fun and creative manner, says the school. Advanced Montessori International is also a top-performing Montessori school in Singapore which would be the best choice for your child.

All About Advanced Montessori International

Advanced Montessori International helps children gain a quality head start in life by imparting them the skills to read by the age of 4 or earlier. Once the child can read, he/she becomes an independent learner at a young age. This sets an early strong foundation as English is and will be the cornerstone of his life in time to come. Their program has a small teacher-to-student ratio of 1:3 and the attention that the child receives is likened to a 1 to 1 tuition. This dedicated focus for each of the children in the school has awarded them with a spot in ThreeBestRated® listing after cracking their 50-Point Inspection. Lastly, They prioritise hands-on activities with real-life objects to aid in the child’s learning. That way, the child can see, touch and feel the objects with his/her bare hands to stimulate learning instead of just looking at a black-and-white piece of paper. To know more, Visit

“The platform has given us exposure to a wide range of audiences in Singapore. It also gave us recognition for all our hard work and quality education that we have done over the years. This is also a stamp of assurance to current parents and future customers that we are a reliable educator. We plan to expand our business by establishing more centres around Singapore to help even more children learn to read by the age of 4 or earlier”, shared the school upon receiving the ThreeBestRated® award.

Mathematics, learning phonics, English and mathematics up to primary 4, phonics and reading, pre-school Chinese, DiZiGui and Montessori self-motivation class and fun & imaginative activity are some of the many you can expect for your child in Advanced Montessori International.

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