Advanced Pipe Repair Offers Best in Class CIPP

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Advanced Pipe Repair knows providing modern training and education to pipe repair technicians means better results for customers.

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) September 19th, 2019

Advanced Pipe Repair, headquartered in Forney, TX, provides state-of-the-art pipe repair services to commercial and industrial properties across the state. The company is at the forefront of pipe repair technology development with its cured in place piping (CIPP) procedures that bypass traditional repair methods. Advances in pipe repair have had a large impact on the local economy. Property owners and businesses are saving time and money due to less intrusive pipe repairs that are done quickly. The benefits of CIPP are having a direct positive impact on buildings in the area.

No-Dig Technology Keeps Business Open

With no-dig technologies like CIPP, pipe repairs can be done without long-term business closures. It’s been a boon for businesses in Texas to work with Advanced Pipe Repair. Employees and customers can still access stores and offices while pipe repair and maintenance are done. Instead of large digs that tear up cement and floors, CIPP uses camera, sensor, and remote technology to fix pipes. Entire pipes no longer need to be replaced because pinpoint technology spots the issue and fixes it directly. CIPP upholds the structural integrity of pipes and lengthens the lifespan. Companies and homeowners save money because they keep their pipes in great condition longer.

Advanced Pipe Repair Improves Pipe Flow

Cutting-edge CIPP procedures mean Advanced Pipe Repair keeps pipe diameters larger so water and waste can flow freely. When CIPP is done, a resin is used to line the damaged pipe. When the resin hardens, it essentially forms a pipe within a pipe, negating the need for a total replacement. In recent years, the resin methodologies have improved, making the new pipe smaller in width. The reduced size allows greater room for better pipe flow capacity inside the repaired pipe. Water, sewage, and other materials can move faster through the pipe systems, which cuts down the rate of erosion and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns.

Training and Education

Advanced Pipe Repair knows providing modern training and education to pipe repair technicians means better results for customers. The company invests heavily in its team and inventory to make sure its clients receive the best repair and maintenance possible. Better trained personnel mean repairs are done better on a shorter timeline. Advanced Pipe Repair does what’s necessary to stay at the forefront of CIPP and other pipe repair technology. Customers across Texas get a great value from the well-resourced teams the company deploys on site.

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