AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter Goes the Extra Mile for Safer Roads with Maryland Sponsor A Highway®

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To reduce litter and ensure safer roads for travelers, AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter is partnering with Maryland Sponsor A Highway.

Gaithersburg, MD (PRUnderground) February 17th, 2023

AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter continues its trend of being ambassadors of goodwill for the community by participating in the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program.

In an effort to reduce litter and ensure a safer commute for travelers, AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter is sponsoring a one-mile segment on the highway.

AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter is a non-profit organization that focuses on sharing knowledge and building strong relationships across a multitude of different sectors, most notably: government, military, industry and academia. This organization aims to aid talented students and future leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through its scholarship program.

Through its sponsorship, Maryland Sponsor A Highway® will recognize AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter along the one-mile segment. A litter-removal sign on the highway will spread the AFCEA name, allowing for more donations and scholarship opportunities for STEM students. This contribution will fund Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation’s team of professional cleaning crews to enhance their sponsored mile of Maryland.

“The AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter is dedicated to investing in the community through STEM initiatives and collaboration with our government partners,” said President Brooke Kessler. “The Maryland Sponsor A Highway® program provides our organization the opportunity to highlight our mission in support of the government, military, industry and STEM academia. We aspire to increase awareness of AFCEA CMD’s efforts, allowing for greater support to our future STEM leaders.”

Adopt a Highway has immense pride and gratitude for organizations such as AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter. Their contribution to the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program will continue to clean up Maryland’s highways one stretch at a time.

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