Agnes & Dora Offers Military Wife Flexibility With Work From Home Opportunity

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Work from home opportunities can be hard to come by, but Agnes and Dora Representative Kat Smith is proof that you can make a real living from home with the right company

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (PRUnderground) June 15th, 2017

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 80% to 90% of the U.S. workforce would prefer to work from home at least part time. For one-stay-at home mom whose husband is proudly serving in the United States Air Force, that is now her reality. However, she wasn’t always so fortunate. Finding a “normal job” outside the home when her family faced frequent deployments made employers hesitant to hire her.

“Despite the fact that I have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, 10 years of clinical experience and valuable certifications in the healthcare recruiting space, it became increasingly clear that my resume was suffering due to lack of tenure,” stated Kat Smith, who’s been with her husband now for almost a decade.

When it comes to finding gainful employment, Smith is part of a trend. A study from the Military Officers Association of America and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families found that military spouses earn 38% less than their civilian counterparts, while also being 30% more likely to be unemployed. Frequent moves were cited as a chief difficulty in finding employment.

“As a military wife, you have to learn to be selfless and flexible, so that you are able to easily resume the process of making memories as your life takes the unexpected twists and turns,” explained Smith.

Following the birth of her son, she knew holding down a full time job outside the home would not be practical. That’s when she began to explore work from home opportunities.

“I knew that my son would be missing out on months at a time with his father as he sacrifices to afford us the life we are happily living, and I did not want to compound that absence with my own if I could help it,” stated Smith.

In her search for work from home opportunities, Smith eventually discovered Agnes and Dora, a clothing company on a mission to help women redefine success and beauty by embracing their personal power. Customers can purchase the company’s clothing through independent representatives—which Smith decided to become.

“When I stumbled upon Agnes and Dora, it was truly a breath of fresh air. I stopped trying to convince myself that this other opportunity was the right choice,” stated Smith.  “I found that the style really fit more with my more subdued and feminine style, and I instantly loved the look.”

Not only did she love the company’s style, she loved how other reps interacted with one another through social media. For Smith, they became an extension of her family.

“They treat each other with respect and put the customers first. They are a united front – a tribe,” stated Smith.

The company’s products honor the boldest female scientists, designers and revolutionaries, encouraging every woman to build their personal power. From the romantic to the adventurous, Agnes and Dora’s ever-expanding line declares that women recognize their inherent worth and boundless potential of their femininity.

“It is amazing that I am able to interact with and hear from the founder, Buffy Bandley on a consistent basis,” stated Smith. “I can call HQ at any time and get someone on the phone. I have met the founder at conferences and leadership retreats, and it is clear that she values those who have partnered with her to grow this brand.”

Through Agnes and Dora, Smith was able to launch her online boutique, Gems by Kat. Today she is living the dream, working successfully from home while spending time with her family. She feels fortunate to have discovered a brand she believes in.

“I owe much of my success to excellent mentorship by my sponsor, as well as the ‘village’ and a lot of hard work in marketing,” stated Smith. “I was able to launch my business within a week of receiving my kit, and pay off my substantial investment within two weeks.”

For anyone eagerly looking for the perfect work from home opportunity with a company that empowers women to go out and follow their passion, all while being comfortable and fashionable— Smith says there’s no better choice than Agnes and Dora. To join the team as an independent representative, click here to learn more.

ABOUT KAT SMITH: Kat is happily married and the proud mother to a happy toddler named Kaiton. She and her husband met ten years ago while he was stationed at Dyess Airforce Base in her hometown of Abilene, Texas. They eventually married in 2014. His service to the country has taken her small family all over the United States. While her life as a military wife can be challenging, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. She looks forward to what the future holds. To learn more, click here.


Kat Smith, Agnes & Dora Independent Rep

Phone: (325) 201-2597


About Agnes & Dora by Kat Smith

My name is Kat Smith, and I am a military spouse, mother, blogger, and Independent Representative for Agnes & Dora – a direct sales clothing boutique catering the the OKC Metro area and through online shopping nationwide.

Agnes and Dora is a heart centered brand that seeks to recognize and empower women both personally and professionally. Agnes and Dora was created by women for women. Our products honor the boldest female scientists, designers and revolutionaries, encouraging each of us to build our own personal power. From the romantic to the adventurous, our ever-expanding line declares that we recognize the inherent worth and boundless potential of our femininity. We are a community that promotes kindness, self-acceptance, independence and empowerment.
The brand is the destination for effortless fashion featuring the latest trends for confident, social and active women. We offer quality, fashionable apparel at affordable prices that allow women to feel good in mind, body and Spirit. Agnes & dora is everyday expression for everybody!

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