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AgriProtein announces creation of world’s largest farm

Industry: Food and Drink

Reducing greenhouse gases, saving our seas and increasing food security

Ontario, Canada (PRUnderground) July 3rd, 2015

AgriProtein has announced today that it has selected North America as the location to build the world’s largest fly farming operation. The first three facilities alone will house more than 30 billion flies. By headcount this will be the largest farming operation on the planet.

AgriProtein is the global leader in the emerging nutrient recycling industry. It farms flies that are fed on organic waste material. The fly larvae are then harvested and dried into MagmealTM, a natural and sustainable high-quality protein feed for chicken and fish that replaces fishmeal in industrial farming operations.

Independent academic research has tested and proven the efficiency of MagMealTM in a range of farmed animals. The company has received product approval in a number of jurisdictions and believes that Magmeal™ will achieve AAFCO/FDA and CFIA acceptance as an animal feed within 24 months.

Most organic waste in North America still goes to landfill and pollutes the environment. AgriProtein diverts this waste to its fly farming operation, reducing greenhouse gases and producing larvae meal. The process helps increase food security and preserve marine stocks.

Magmeal™ is targeting the existing $12 billion fishmeal market.

“Within fifteen years we will consider it as normal to recycle our waste nutrients as we do our paper, cans and glass today. The benefits to the environment, our seas and food security are immense”, says Jon Duschinsky, CEO of AgriProtein North America.

About AgriProtein North America

AgriProtein is the global leader in the emerging nutrient recycling industry, winners of the WWF Climate Solvers Challenge and UN IFP Innovation Award for Africa. AgriProtein is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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