Air Conditioner Repair Company, Air Repair Pros, Seeks to Help Homeowners With Free Seasonal Tune-Ups

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Frisco TX-based AC repair company, Air Repair Pros, offers free seasonal tune-ups for home central HVAC systems this Spring.

Frisco, TX (PRUnderground) April 14th, 2020

Spring has come and the flowers are blooming again—the season when the air starts to get clouded with pollen and dust. That’s why spring time is also high time for HVAC tune-ups and repairs. Air Repair Pros now provides free tune-ups for home central HVAC systems to help with this seasonal activity.

Seasonal tune-ups for home HVAC systems help keep the interior of homes well-ventilated and cozy throughout the year. This ensures that heaters keep homes warm during the cold seasons and air conditioners keep homes cool during the warm seasons.

Over winter, HVAC units tend to suffer a certain amount of wear and tear due to the freezing temperature. The coils in heating and air conditioning units become frosted and prone to rusting. The vents, filters and pipes also get clogged with residues and debris. If these winter effects are left alone, HVAC units will likely breakdown and stop working—particularly central AC systems.

Since central AC units are hard to repair during the winter, tune-ups are mostly done in spring. The rising temperature thaws the ice and frost off the units, so it’s the most ideal time to give AC units a proper tune-up.

Spring tune-ups are crucial to keep AC systems in good working condition. This helps prolong the units’ life and prevent the occurrence of unit breakdowns or failures throughout the year or season.

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Tune-ups also ensure efficient power usage to help homeowners save on energy bills. When units are properly tuned, the AC system will work smoothly and produce cool air in a short time. On the other hand, poorly tuned units take more time to cool air and use up more energy than necessary.

Spring is also the time of year when the air becomes highly suffused with pollen and dust particles. These particles are natural irritants that can cause problems in some people who have pollen allergies.

AC units help prevent allergies by removing pollen dust from the circulating air by use of filters. During tune-ups, AC filters are changed or cleaned thoroughly so that the unit can properly filter pollen dust from the air. If AC filters are not properly maintained, the central AC system won’t work properly and can cause pollen dust to spread inside the house.

Air Repair Pros service technicians perform a set of procedures to ensure that central HVAC systems are properly serviced during tune-ups. First, the unit system is thoroughly inspected for any signs of structural damage or weakness. This is a crucial process because if the technician fails to see a damaged or weakened spot, the whole tune-up process will become a failure.

Depending on the results of the inspection, a tune-up may involve the repair or replacement of damaged parts. Technicians sometimes may also recommend replacement of the entire AC system if the units are no longer efficient due to old age or irreparable damage. Helpful tips are also provided so that homeowners will know how to properly maintain HVAC units in between seasonal tune-ups.

Air Repair Pros provide free seasonal tune-ups for central AC systems to help homeowners keep their homes well-ventilated and pollen dust-free throughout spring and summer. More information on the company’s seasonal services can be found here.

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