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Using Ai to target audiences and drive sales online is something that many businesses dream of. The new Ai enabled marketing Cloud platform has turned that dream into an all-in-one reality.

Philadelphia, PA (PRUnderground) February 28th, 2019

The potential of the Artificial Intelligence especially is something that is widely spoken among e-commerce business owners hoping to maximize customer engagement on multiple channels, boost sales with upsells, cross selling, remarketing techniques and a plethora of e-commerce marketing software all leading to a high cost and lot of confusion and chaos among a fast growing business. The problem is most companies who claim to offer Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce, to help businesses make more money rarely produce clear results. In exciting news for those who value clear results in the online business world, leading e-commerce research analytic firm, AAAecommerce Inc, has recently announced the launch of the AI Enabled internet marketing cloud “”. The Ai Enabled All IN One Internet Marketing SAAS based Cloud platform has been built for e-commerce website owners facing the realities of the “consumer-first” world businesses they find themselves operating in today. Designed to cover all bases necessary to use Ai to help drive sales, plus to be easy to install and manage, for many the new platform represents a paradigm shift on how they are able to market and sell online. businesses can orchestrate campaigns across various customer touchpoints like Loyalty Rewards, Reviews, Chat Bots, Email, In-app messaging, Web push and SMS + IVR, with auto-optimization aimed towards higher conversions, all powered remarkably powerful machine learning. The breakthrough resource is also, wisely, designed to incorporate itself into the Shopify space, which makes it a one-click solution open to over 82000 stores and an astonishing 70 million customers across 175 countries. Almost needless to say, the enthusiasm surrounding AiTrillion.Com the new Ai-driven marketing Cloud platform is skyrocketing.

“We are delighted to bring Affordable Artificial Intelligence to eCommerce on platforms like Shopify and Magento which until now were only available to big players like Amazon,” commented Manoj Dhanotiya, the passionate and driven AAAeCommerce, Inc ( Founder & CEO. “Our integrated all-in-one internet marketing Cloud technology is going to add over a decade of automated experience instantly to even a newly launched e-commerce website, immediately when they install The is a game changer and a win for the business, the customer, and for our platform.”

The platform’s reach is a very large one, already becoming a major presence in the vital markets of the U.S., U.K., and European Union, surely with more to come.

In the past, Ai-driven business solutions have been very expensive and time-consuming to implement, difficult to operate, and often didn’t deliver clear black and white results when it comes to improving sales conversions, up sales, or any of the other major benefits they have used as selling points. performs remarkably in all the areas it promises, starting right away, but also, like a truly well-designed, cutting-edge Ai it improves performance even more as it learns, making it, potentially, a better investment every day.

All signs point to AiTrillion.Com delivering the future of online marketing and customer satisfaction, not tomorrow, but today. offers integrated customer engagement, analytics & AI, unlike standalone Google Analytics, Yotpo Review, and LoyaltyLion to name just a few.

Michelle S., from New York, recently said in a five-star review, “My small business is based on Shopify but provides a very good income. I knew not having things like a chatbot, customer loyalty program, and other smart features have been allowing some competitors to close the distance with me. A close associate recommended ‘AiTrillion’ and if it covered the things which I mentioned alone, I would have been ecstatic. Not only has it done this but its Ai prediction abilities were something I didn’t even think possible and it is helping us plan, strategize, and grow, in ways that near leave me breathless. Fully recommended.”

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About sets the stage with its revolutionary Ai for e-commerce store owners to engage customers and increase sales on Shopify, Magento & also custom e-commerce platforms. Free from complications and headaches, easy to install and operate, it can skyrocket profits, while helping to deliver a superior customer engagement.

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