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Alexis Fecteau Releases His Successful Space Exploration Blog to the Public for the First Time

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Individuals who would like to learn more about space exploration can now access a successful blog on the topic, created by space aficionado Alexis Fecteau.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) January 9th, 2020

Fecteau, a college student, recently released his successful space exploration blog to the public for the first time in an effort to expand readers’ knowledge of this dynamic and life-changing industry. The blog, which can be found at, is designed to be a helpful resource for online users who have either personal or professional reasons for being interested in space exploration.

On the blog, Alexis Fecteau explains that space exploration remains one of humanity’s most exciting areas of focus, being transformed from a dream to a reality in past decades. Today, numerous technologies exist to help humankind to experience space firsthand and share its wonders with the masses. Fecteau’s goal is for his blog to remain the public’s go-to source for the latest information on all things related to space discovery.

A major part of Alexis Fecteau’s popular blog is dedicated to SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer that entrepreneur Elon Musk founded back in 2002. Musk created this private company in an effort to decrease the costs associated with space transportation so that Mars could be easily colonized. On Fecteau’s blog, readers can learn about Musk’s plan to make this happen between 2020 and 2025. For instance, the goal is for a commercial telecommunications satellite to be sent into space in 2021. Meanwhile, SpaceX is slated to finally touch down on the red planet the following year, with possibly two ships reaching Mars.

Another portion of the blog is dedicated to science fiction movies, which are among Fecteau’s favorite films. Fecteau, who currently majors in astrophysics at the university level, has loved science fiction movies, stories, and shows for as long as he can remember. For this reason, he uses the blog to share several of the most popular movies from this genre in the 1980s and 1990s. According to Alexis Fecteau, all science fiction lovers today should see these films at some point.

Fecteau plans to also use his blog to highlight the latest relevant news on Air Force and NASA projects, as well as the moon landing, Virgin’s program in space tourism, and the International Space Station. His chief goal with the blog is to provide readers with the information and inspiration needed to take space exploration to the next level – literally – in the years ahead.

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