Alex’s Story – How the Hipeak Folding E-bike Improve His Surfing Journey

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In this article, Alex shares his story and introduces how the Hipeak electric bike improved his surfing journey.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 11th, 2023

In the pursuit of outdoor sports and adventures, how to quickly reach the destination is an inevitable issue. For those who love surfing, how to quickly get to the beach from home is also a big challenge. In this article, Alex shares his story and introduces how the Hipeak electric bike improved his surfing trip. With the high-speed performance, electric assist function, and foldable design of the electric bike, Alex can now reach the beach more conveniently and efficiently, and better enjoy the joy of surfing.

Alex’s story

Alex grew up in California. Like many kids, he started riding a bike at a young age, but he didn’t seem to have a strong passion for it. Instead, Alex became interested in surfing during his teenage years. In college, he received a bike from a friend for his daily commute throughout his college years, to avoid the hassle of traffic congestion. However, Alex didn’t have strong feelings about riding a bike, it was just the most convenient mode of transportation at the time.

After starting a family with two children, Alex had less and less opportunities to meet up with friends, and even had to give up surfing because the commute to his favorite surfing spot was too long. As a father, Alex wanted to spend more time with his family.

“As a person who loves surfing, I always face the problem of how to quickly get to the beach from my accommodation. Previously, I used a regular bicycle, but it was very difficult to ride on mountain roads or for long distances. Therefore, I purchased a Hipeak folding electric bike, which made my surfing trips more convenient and comfortable,” said Alex.

Alex added that the electric assistance made riding uphill or downhill much easier and less tiring. Secondly, the high-speed performance of the electric bike greatly shortened the time to reach the beach. It used to take him 40 minutes to walk or ride to the beach, but now it only takes 15-20 minutes. This allows him to make better use of the remaining time for surfing, while also making it easier to carry his surfboard, sunscreen, and other equipment to the beach.

Finally, the foldable design of the Hipeak bike makes it easy to fold and store it in a surfing tote bag. This not only makes it convenient to carry, but also helps prevent theft or damage when parked at the beach.

With the Hipeak folding electric bike, Alex wakes up at 5 am and rides to the surfing spot. There, he and his friends leisurely ride the waves, enjoying the first rays of sunshine. Afterwards, he still has time to have breakfast with his family at 9 am.

For Alex, the electric bike is not just a recreational toy; it is a tool that helps him balance his hobbies and family, and truly saves him time.

Inevitable functions of an electric bike for surfing

Fat tires

A fat tire electric bike is exactly what you think it is: an electric bike with wide tires. Compared to road, commuting, or cruiser-style e-bikes with tire widths of 1.95″ – 3.0″, the most common tire width is 4 inches. This is twice the thickness of narrow tires, which means they can ride on more surfaces, from snow to sand. Riders not only have more versatility on the terrain they can ride on, but the tire thickness also helps with control and balance, making them an ideal mode of transportation for surfing trips, whether the terrain is rocky or flat.

Battery and range

One of the most important features of an electric bike used for surfing is its battery capacity and range. Battery capacity is measured in watt-hours(Wh); the higher the Wh, the larger the battery, and therefore the longer the range. However, it’s important to remember that the manufacturer’s stated range is never a guarantee; factors such as a powerful motor, hills, wind resistance, rider weight, cargo weight (especially surfboards and surfing equipment!), and pedal assist can all affect the total range you get on each ride. Ultimately, if you’re carrying some heavier surfing equipment back and forth to the beach, and want peace of mind, a larger battery range will ensure you make it home safely.

Pedal assist system and throttle

One of the key features that distinguishes an electric bike from a regular bike is pedal assistance and throttle functionality. With battery-powered pedal power, pedal assistance gradually increases power when the rider needs a little extra help or wants to go faster. On the other hand, the throttle removes the physical pedaling effort from the equation and propels the rider at speeds of up to 20 mph. After a full day of surfing at the beach, both pedal assistance and throttle are excellent features of an electric bike because you only want to pedal when you have the energy to do so!


Whether you’re an early morning surfer or an after-work surfer, finding an electric bike with built-in lights is always a plus. Look for a bike with an integrated front headlight to help you see others and be seen at any time of day. And an electric bike with brake lights will alert others when you’re stopping, ensuring your safety.

Electric bike accessories for your surfing commuting

Surf rack

First and foremost, if you want to make your beach commute easier, preparing a surf rack for your surfboard is absolutely essential.

Front and rear bike rack

Equally important as carrying your surfboard is carrying other necessities! Whether it’s water, spare clothes, towels, wetsuits, sunscreen. Using a front or rear rack can safely transport the essentials you need. The Hipeak folding electric bike comes with a front basket and rear rack for easy transportation of your surfing essentials.

Bike bag

Bicycle bags are also an excellent addition to the rear rack! Depending on your specific needs for a bicycle bag, they come in various shapes and sizes and are designed for different purposes. For example, if you want to go surfing in the middle of the day and keep your water or snacks cold, then an insulated bicycle bag would be a good choice! Or, you can also store your change of clothes, towels, or small essentials in a bicycle bag and secure it to the rear rack of your electric bike.


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