Amazon Will Soon Carry BiomCare’s Next Generation of Skincare Products

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Biomcare Developed Four Products that Restore Balance to the Skin’s Microbiome

Boca Raton, FL (PRUnderground) August 8th, 2022

Amazon will soon carry BiomCare’s skincare products that restore balance to the skin’s microbiome.

“We are excited that consumers throughout the U.S. will be able to find our skincare products on Amazon,” said Dr. Karel Bezouška, CEO and one of the four founders of BiomCare in the Czech Republic. “Since Biomcare is looking to expand its market share in the U.S., Amazon is a great addition.”

BiomCare’s skincare treatments, which are already on, are different from many traditional products because they target the cause of skin issues.

“The microbiome, or the skin’s protective shield, hosts billions of good bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which protects the skin against the elements that cause many unfavorable skin conditions,” Dr. Bezouška said. “The microbiome’s good bacteria help fight infections, keeps the immune system working, heal wounds, and control harmful inflammation.”

Dr. Bezouška  said the skin’s microbiome’s distinctive ecosystem “is essential for maintaining a hydrated and glowing complexion.”

“When the microbiome is out-of-balance, your skin is susceptible to pimples, rashes, and other unpleasant conditions,” Dr. Bezouška added.

Biomcare’s skincare products are:

  • Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE, which provides your skin with three microemulsions for a healthy skin microbiome, contains natural skin hydrating compounds, a cleaning enzyme complex, and calming prebiotics, all of them native to the target application site. It is suitable for individuals who are prone to chronic damage to their skin barrier from yeast and fungal infections, and long-term dermatitis, including atopic eczema, acne, or psoriasis. For users who would like to replenish their Derma.Ferm COMPLETE package to extend any phase of their application, each microemulsion is also available separately as Derma.Ferm® CLEANACUTE, CALM, and NUTRI, respectively.
  • CLEANACUTE, which provides a single microemulsion for a healthy skin microbiome, contains natural skin hydrating compounds that are supported by a cleaning enzyme complex. It is suitable for minor acute skin disorders due to burns, abrasions, scalds, or acute skin infections for users that have otherwise no chronic skin problems.
  • VIR_A_REST®, which also provides a single microemulsion, will invigorate the skin’s microbiome and protect it from the adverse effects of pathogenic microbes, including respiratory viruses. VIR_A_REST® supports the natural protective barrier of the skin with suitable postbiotics and natural antimicrobials.
  • VIR_A_REST® ORAL supports the development of normal oral microflora through extracts from two friendly bacteria and restores the oral microbiome, which is critical for the development of normal skin microflora as well as a healthy microbiome of the respiratory tract.

Dr. Jan Engl, one of the co-founders of BiomCare, said 2022 will be a significant year in the history of BiomCare.

“We are introducing our skincare treatment to the American market. With Amazon, we will get great exposure,” Dr. Engl said

BiomCarer skincare products are now available on

About BiomCare

BiomCare is a Czech Republic company that is bringing its skincare products, which help restore the skin’s microbiome, to America.

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